Chic (Hip and Feminine) Advent Calendar for Mama :-)

Why leave the mystery of Christmas just for the children?

You enjoyed the top chic flick (Sleepless in Seattle ) and the ultimate chic read (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen).  Now try the fabulously feminine and frolic-filled animated Advent Calendar by Jackie Lawson.

A friend gave one to me two years ago.  It was a scene of London, and every day we discovered something new:  kids playing in Hyde Park, pigeons at Piccadilly Circus, decorating the Christmas tree in the Londonian home, riding The Wheel, hearing the bells at St Paul’s Cathedral (where they hold the royal weddings...) 

I fell in love with it as it brought me so much joy.  Oh, the anticipation for the next day!  I felt like a child again, creating beautiful snowflakes (without getting cold), becoming a flower arrangement expert (without getting hands wet and with plenty of chances to start over), and playing games.  Yes, I even squeeled with delight as I watched "my" snowflakes fall gently down. 

Last year, my friend gave it to me again.  This time, Jackie Lawson featured an Alpine Scene.  I gazed at the swans on the lake as the sled rode by, watched the bakery open up and reveal the fresh delicacies from the oven, admired the children strut through the snow in their pageant outfits, made my snowman and snow-woman (!)...  By day, the sun shines on the scene.  In the evening, dark settles on the village too (!) and the snowy town sparkles with festive lights...a little more every day.  You guessed.  I was hooked.

This year, I offered one to significant women in my life:  my mother, my sister and sisters-in-law, my sons’ girlfriends, my BFF’s ....  You can too.  You’re still on time to get into the Christmas spirit.

The more, the merrier.

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

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