Boost Love - Parent & Child Workshop in Paris

For every “NO!” how often do you encourage?

So much of our family conversation seems tainted by critique or correction.  Maybe it's because so much of our discussion centers around giving instructions. 

Do these sound familiar?

Dad: "How is homework coming along?  Did you do it WELL?"


Mom: "For how long did you brush your teeth?"

Kid:  "Why do you ask me again and again?"

Mom:  "Didn't you know a mom is a spy?!  Besides, too often I find your toothbrush dry!"

Great homes share exchanges like these.  They also include more...


- conversations with more topics of interest

- more pizzaz

- sharing that's more intimate

- comments that express more appreciation...

Wiser Use of Time

Boosting love does require time, but less than many parents think.  It's more of an issue of how families invest the time available for each other.

That's what we'll be enjoying together: 

- Time having fun together

so that

- You can have more fun times, more easily, and more often.

In business, we call this a win-win solution.

Who:  All are welcome!

Where:  Library of the American Church in Paris, 65 quai d'Orsay, 75007 Paris

When:  Sunday, March 30 from 12:30 to 14:00

How:  Light snacks will be served.  If you and your kids have an appetite that makes your stomach rumble, bring more! (your own lunch or something to share)

Which Language:  We'll be primarily speaking in English.  Families with Francophile kids will also feel right at home.  We've done it before and everyone left with a :)

RSVP: at Spaces are limited and the last ACP & Home Is Fun workshop was full.

How Much:  Voluntary donations go to the Friday Missions Lunch sponsored by the ACP kids.  On April 23, 2014 the children and families will provide a sit-down-warm-served-on-"china"-plates-with-metal-cutlery lunch for 60 folk off the street.   The more from us, the heartier for them.

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