Boosting Family Love: It Worked for Us!

We had a LOVERLY (!) time at the Boost Love Family Workshop last week-end. I just loooove this picture of BEAMING kids when they are so confident of being loved and of having their love received.

Here’s our vision.  Great leaders make great parents.  At work, we frame a vision, communicate it, and organize to make it happen.  Isn’t that what we do at home too?

We got inspired by business growth (new customers, new products & services, greater value of each) to boost love through building up our relationships, the frequency of our interactions, and the depth of our communication.

I just love your workshops! You are so engaging and motivating and inspiring! (Thank you.  I do thrive on affirmation.  Smile.  Well, GRIN!)  I guess what helps the most is the practical way you put things into perspective for us.  Things we never necessarily think about in a structured way - but should!!!...I'm looking forward to the next one!!!”

Read on and check out the pictures.

Boost Love:  It Worked For US!  “Feedback from the Field”

“We just had a great time together doing this, the children and I loved taking that moment to tell (and write down) to one another that we love each other and what we appreciate most. The children asked for more of it!” 

“We're having a bit of a hard time with our child at the moment...The workshop gave us some space to focus on our relationship which was nice.”

 “As I'm sure you know only too well - it's a tricky job (being a parent) and can seem very unrewarding sometimes.  If I were a business, I wouldn't put up with clients who were so demanding and so seemingly ungrateful for all my efforts.  I think what you're doing is so important - just like in any job, we need training for that 'shot in the arm' of enthusiasm and clarity to do our job better every day.  Parents need that more than anyone!”

 “Our daughter was probably a little bit young (only 3) and I think was struggling to really engage with the activities.  However, even though she dealt with it on her level, I think she still got a lot out of the experience - and found it nice that it was a time where mummy was ready to listen to her and find out what she found fun and loving about being in our family.”

Boost Love:  “Executive Summary”

  1. We can boost love any time, any day.  Every interaction is an opportunity to strengthen family bonds.
  2. Your family is ALREADY building love, joy, and trust.  You do it YOUR WAY.  Through awareness of what you do well, you can include those “keys to success” in other interaction
  3. Changing behavior is not always easy and we can need help.  The gift certificates present fun ways to ask for help “I want to love you better by doing _____.  Remind me nicely, please.”  The awards say, “I notice how you love me.  Thank you.”

Boost Love:  “Workshop Report”

Lemondade stand photos from Being Made Beautiful

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1. On Wednesday, April 16 2014, 20:40 by Denise

In using photos taken from the Internet (see the lemonade stand) I ask for permission. Whether the answer is "yes" or "no", people respond with such pleasure at being asked!

Here's what Rachel wrote when asking about the lemonade stand photos

"Hi, thank you so much for seeking permission! That is not a common thing in the internet age. I would be happy for you to use those photos for your ministry/business.

Looks like great stuff:) thanks for letting me see it."

2. On Wednesday, April 16 2014, 20:47 by Denise

...and I also contacted the artist of the totally cute stick figures. Here's what Carrie said,

"Thank you for your kindness in tracking us down...May the kindness come back to you multiplied!"

Of course on other occasions I have had people decline using the pictures, but the response is always polite and appreciative.

I figure, if I'm asking my kids to be truthful, then I have to act that way too!!!

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