Turn Work into Fun

Running = WORK (in my book).  It’s effort, sweat, and sore muscles.

And yet, I wanted to run yesterday as The Color Runners pranced by me during the Paris race.  It’s a 5K race and every kilometer is marked by a shower of color.  They call it “The Happiest 5K on the planet.”

What if we could infuse our home management with such joy?  Here’s my go at it:


At The Color Run, racers were given

-          a white T-shirt (to better see the results of the colors, my dear)

-          a racer’s number (to better know that you belong, my dear)

-          a The Color Run headband (to better show that you are proud, my dear)

-          a healthy drink (to stay more energized, my dear)

-          a bag filled with colored powder (to better celebrate a race well run, my dear)

-          and many wore sunglasses (to better protect your eyes so that the fun lasts, my dear)

Basically, they created and implemented a game plan to maximize the fun and minimize the toil!  

So often in families we concentrate on reducing the stresses:  how to get kids to listen, obey, do homework, go to bed on time, be nice to each other.....  What’s your and my game plan to boost love?   

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Deluge of yellow, the first color spray at the Tuileries Gardens. 

I get such a kick out of the juxtaposition of historical sites and modern day entertainment.  How would the French kings take to having such a race in their back yard?!  Even if they might frown...

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As a child in French school, the different verb tenses were color-coded; green represented the future. Runners were sprayed green as they passed by the Musée d’Orsay which holds the magnificent impressionist collection.  This is the same site where, on October 22, 1895 a train drove through the Gare d’Orsay and landed on the street.


Who would have imagined that the above calamity could be transformed into a place of serenity and admiration...euh a place of serendipity and amusement?!  It’s possible with our lives too.  As the saying goes, “The opponent is the friend who makes me grow.” 

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Green photo from Paris Daily Photo where, you guessed it, every day we get an aesthetic glimpse of the city of lights with a just enough explanation to add intrigue.



Here’s where I “joined” the race, on the banks of the Seine river with the Eiffel Tour poised above and the Pont Alexandre III just beyond..  In this stupendous setting, The Color Run Blues had the blues.  At our early-ish hour, racers ran few and far between.

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Runners, and even bikers, did eventually pass by.  The blues don't last forever!!!



I like orange.  Pink makes me see red!  One of the attitudes that sparks my anger is when I’m treated like the maid. 

The Color Runners just passed the bridge of King Alexander III.  In his lifetime, servants kept him from lifting his little finger as they waited on him hand and foot. 

But in our home, everyone helps.  It wasn’t always that way.  A chauvinistic comment from one of my boys opened my eyes WIDE.  Here’s how I made changes...and now everyone pitches in (with only an occasional grump here and there). (Click here)

Parisian The Color Runners
Parisian The Color Runners


Of course racers strove to cross the finish line.  In Paris’ The Color Run winning focused less on speed and spun more on fun.  Regularly I’d watch runners jog in place to wait for companions blowing colored powder off their glasses.  They knew they were a spectacle and loved capturing the moment on film.

Winning took on new meaning: joy in the moment.  The process is as important as the purpose.

The Color Run celebration

Photo from the official The Color Run Paris site.

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