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Read Exploring Courage and Talking Virtues and Values with Kids Without Preaching to get the full picture about the Courage Game.

Playing Tips
(Download the Courage Game Playing Tips)

- Place the Courageous Acts Banners on the Courage Scale.

- Each person chooses to focus on Courageous Acts at home, at school, or at work.

- The object of the game is discussion.  There are no right or wrong answers.  There are great and less interesting answers:  talking about why you chose to rank your banners where you did consists of a great answer.  Grunting and silence is less communicative...and less interesting!

- Invite discussion through OPEN ENDED questions:  "What's an example?" "How often does this happen?" "When was the last time you faced this situation and what did you do?" "Why is this behavior good or bad?" "Why does this behavior require (or does not require) courage?" "What would you do in this situation?...What might be the outcome?"

- BEWARE of Conversation Stiflers.  Controlling a conversation and correcting people makes for less engaged discussion.  I've tried both and they I'm hoping you can learn from my mistakes!

- Enjoy each other :-)

Courage Scale

Download the Courage Scale to explore courage with kids. Print as many as the number of players/family members.

Courage Banners

Download the Courage Banners which describe situations needing varying intensity.


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