10 Ways to Connect with Kids...of ALL Ages

We humans, both parents and children, are wired to experience intense emotions and engage in logical reasoning.

Beware:  every emotion does not always generate clear thinking!

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Perceptions of “Change”

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  (Isaac Newton, 1642-1727, Third Law of Motion)

This process is called “Change.” 

Consider clinical psychologist Raymond Lloyd Richmond’s synopsis:

“How we perceive the change really determines how we manage to adapt to it.

If the perception is positive, we generally embrace the change with open arms and relief. And the story essentially ends there.

If the perception is negative—that is, if the change challenges our stamina or resources—the body will automatically—and dramatically—respond to this perceived threat with a variety of physiological responses.”

Parents = Change Managers

Parents render the challenge of change management (giving instructions and feedback, encouraging responsibility, sharing a vision...) easier by generating an environment where kids feel loved.

Most of us love our children without conditions. Hopefully, they often feel it.  Sometimes—like when we “lose it” or focus on a task or the clock rather than on the person—kids may wonder!  Yikes!

The goal of connecting is to communicate without a shadow of a doubt our love to our children.

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Connecting is like a language. Practice makes more perfect. A few expressions go a long way. (Think “Bonjour,” “Merci,” and “Oh la la!”)

Discover the body and spoken languages of connecting.

And...just do it!

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