Thrive as a Parent: Join Us In Paris for Positive Discipline Class

Would you like to...
- Eliminate power struggles?
- Create calm homework, bedtime, and morning routines?
- Quiet sibling conflicts?
- Find more joy, even amidst a busy life?
- Teach your chil(ren) positive life skills?

Sign up for the Positive Discipline class in Paris beginning on October 6!  Try the first session for free.

What is Positive Discipline?

Positive Discipline is an approach to adult-child relationships which respects both the child(ren)'s need for love and fun AND the adult's desire for structure. 

Parenting à la Kind AND Firm.

This approach to strong family relationships is based on Adler' psychology and Jane Nelsen pragmatism. 

Alfred Adler, a Viennese psychologist after WWI, espoused that ALL people, that includes prisoners of war to children and to parents, have innate value and search to belong and contribute.  People's behavior reflects how they believe these needs are being met.  Misbehaving children are unhappy tykes.  Through their (albeit inappropriate) actions, they are valiantly trying to communicate their worth.

Jane Nelsen, family and child counselor and author of the Positive Discipline books, developped tools to bring Adler's principles into your and my home.

I loooove the principles espouses, like mistakes and challenges are opportunities.  We practice what we preach.  Come try out the first session for free; nothing to lose and potentially LOTS to gain. 

Positive Discipline for Parents

This class is a 7 week workshop for parents of children aged 3-13.  Through activities, role plays, and case studies, parents learn and practice tools to connect with children, to set clear expectations and follow through, and to understand the kids' unmet needs  that lead them to misbehave.  Phew!  We are all imperfect parents.  Together we get to laugh at our mistakes, learn new tools, experiment together before trying them at home, and encourage each other as we grow.

Facilitated by Denise Dampierre

If you have read Home Is Fun, you know me.  In addition to founding this site, Denise is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Teacher Educator (Positive Discipline also works marvels in the classroom).  She holds an MBA from Harvard, is a manager, marketer, and mompreneur.  With her 4 boys within 7 years, she has tried and tested and thrived using these principles in her home.

Her favorite foundational principle is that Challenges are opportunities.
- It's true for the kids:   Indeed, taking the boys to the principal's office or catching them lying no longer weigh her down.  These very real challenges also open up the door for intimate discussion on integrity, value of excellence, and love without conditions which includes believing in a hope-filled future.
- It's true for me (and other adults):  When I loose it with my children or spouse, it's not the end of the story.  It's an opportunity for a transition in our relationship.  Yes, I do have to 'fess up.  Yes, it's humbling.  Yes, it's definitely worth it.

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Positive Discipline for Parents in Paris

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