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Every family has greatness.  Tell us about yours.

We're changing and need your help to better understand

- your dreams for your kids,
- your hopes as mom and dad,
- your needs to get through the day, and
- your feedback to us

Please take the My Great Family Survey.

The story behind the survey and business concept....

As the mom of 4 boys, I know how daily minutes zoom by and energy fizzez out...and yet there's an unstopping flow of demands.

Could there be more to family?  I got thinking about my MBA studies and what it is that makes excellent organizations (isn't family a service organization par excellence?!) great.  At minimum they have clear, meaningful strategies and action plans to support them.

Did we have a strategy for our family life?  Fuzzy at best.  Every try to build a motivating action plan around a undefinable vision?  No go.

That's when our family began applying Business Best Practices to our own home.

Our four boys are now all teenagers and evolving into admirable men of integrity and love of excellence.  Our tools are tried and tested.  The current question is whether we can make products and a business out of our ideas and experience.  The "My Great Family Survey" is one of the steps on that road.  Thank you so much for passing it onto friends and colleagues, and I hope they too will pass it on.

Link to complete the survey.

Hope you sign up to be a Beta-Tester



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