Do as I SAY or as I DO ?

For the first time in twenty five years I was in the US on October 31, Halloween.  To my amazement (horror) so many houses in lovely neighborhoods were decorated (trashed).  Netting that gets soggy with rain was strewn across the neatly trimmed bushes.  Skeletons "decorated" the lawns which garden service companies had recently raked.  I understand that it was intended in fun; to me it looked dirty.

Priming - Cues Influence Our Response

On my flight over from Paris I had been reading a book about priming.  Let's say I was cued in to the topic.  So, to no surprise, I kept wondering how the ghostly decor influenced conversations inside the homes. 

One priming study described experiments where people were asked to read a series of words before going to another room to take a simple test (like 4 + 4 = 8).  One group was given a list of words relating to ageing and death, such as


The other group was primed (think prepared) with words aluding to youth and life such as


Results indicated that those who read the ageing list walked more slowly to the room for the test and took longer to answer the simple questions.

Of course, the people tested did not notice a difference in their behavior.  All A.O.K. 

And yet, the study concluded otherwise:  spooky slows us down.

So, as I was strolling through these elaborately decorated neighborhoods (check out the video) , I tried to imagine conversations between tykes and parents when they came home from school and work.  It did not come naturally. 

Give me a Hug Honey

Hope you enjoy this 1 minute movie of my musings...

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