Family Feedback-The Gift Money Can't Buy

Join us for a FREE Family Webinar where the kids give parents feedback to help make family the best it can be.

January 4, 2015 from 11:00 am EST.  15 minutes of introduction to coach the entire family, and you are off!  We're staying online to answer your questions and guide you through as needed.

Feedback from Kids

We did this seminar live in Paris and here's what the kids had to say:

"It's nice to spend time talking about the good things in our family."

"Mom and Dad listened to us!!!"

"We liked spending time together as a family."

"I told my mom and dad that sometimes they're annoying but without them I wouldn't be I'm glad they're my mom and dad!"

Parents' Feedback

Here's what the parents had to say:

"The children shared real and deep thoughts.  We're grateful for this moment together."

"We learned the importance of listening.  And even more, listening before speaking."

"Insightful.  It made us think differently."

"We hear things we know but the kids rarely express.  It feels good to hear them."

"I came because of my wife...and I'm glad I came."

What's Next?

1. Sign up on Eventbrite.  It's free. 

2. Print the pdf Family Feedback Webinar Invite and offer it to the rest of the family.

3. Spread the news to your friends. 

4. Join us cuddled up in front of your screen for the 15 minute intro...then off you go.  We'll stick around on the chat to answer your questions, encourage and coach you, and to close up the session.

A Bientôt!

"Talk" soon!

Happy giving of yourself.

It Worked for Us

Here's what other families said over the years:

- Mom, be clear.  Child, be humble.

- Parent, be flexible.  Child, keep going...take the next step

- It worked for us!

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