Should our family define our values?

Isn’t it exasperating when you ask your child to be kind to his friend...and he goes off to be mean to his sibling!

“But I did what you said!” your kid responds all confused.

Maybe its time to talk about values in a different way.

Sign up NOW for our free family webinar for parents and kids to discuss values together.

Join us on February 7 at 14:00 Paris time for a family activity to help your family together define your values AND what that means in your home.

Through games and activities, Home Is Fun will lead your family through a ½ hour discussion to help you all identify and understand YOUR family’s beliefs...and how they translate into actions. 

What happens during this time?  Parents and kids connect in a positive way about sensitive issues.

- “Mom, if you say FRIENDSHIP is important, then we need food in the fridge for snacks. We’re boys. We eat!”

- “Dad, you tell us to RESPECT Mom. How come you use your phone at the dinner table when she asks us all not to?”  Ouch.  Yes, consistency will get addressed!

- “I hope our family loves DOING OUR BEST. Kids, that’s different from having to be perfect. It DOES mean not giving up on homework because you have a question. So, what we expect for schoolwork is _______”

Discover about each other... and about yourself.  Together, you will build the culture you want for your family.

Sign Up NOW.  It's Free.

Click here to sign up for the OUR Family Values Webinar on February 7 at 14:00 Paris time.

We will run future sessions. Please click here to let us know what alternative times suit you best.

Get your spouse and kids excited to join.

Family activity means your partner and children have to be on board. Try these two ideas:

- Print the flyer (click here) and leave it in an obvious place (like on the dinner table).  They will ask YOU to explain.

- Invite them to watch this one minute introduction video.  Since it's new and different they might benefit from a little nudge.  One minute of smiles...:-)

A bientôt.

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