Report Card Stress? Help your child WANT to improve

Is your chlid’s REPORT CARD TIME a moment of stress ?

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To most parents, the Report Card presents public proof that our child is not perfect. We might know this by the milk splotches left on the breakfast table every morning, but that can remain private.

When the grades come home, we parents realize that 90% of the kids cannot rank above average.


To the child, the Report Card generates reward or punishment—praise or scolding—and rarely fruitful discussion. Parents acclaim great grades (once) and give extended attention to the less optimal notes and remarks.

Parents ask, “Why did you get that grade?” How can one not feel defensive before such an inquisition?! 

To the teachers, the Report Card reveals what a student does well and where he performs with greater difficulty, a.k.a. the opportunities for change. Yet so many kids (and parents?) resist the invitation to grow.


It is despairing for parents to know a child should change yet refuses to or resists help to try an alternative method

It is this resistance that our workshop addresses. The My Self-Evaluation Card workshop enables parents and kids to build an encouraging growth plan by inviting the child to evaluate his own performance prior to receiving the Report Card.

We guide the child-parent team through a discussion to discover

- How your child perceives himself

- What your child believes he already does well

- Where your child feels less strong

This self-evaluation prior to receiving the Report Card presents a benchmark with which to compare the actual grades and comments. You and your child now have a tool to identify how clearly your child understands his behavior and the feedback. This is the first step towards accepting positive change.

How will the Report Card be used in your home? Reward, punishment, or change?

Growth! Sign-up for our workshop:  Cease Fire over the Report Card

Home Is Fun webinars—workshops you attend from the comfort of your home snuggling up with your child. You connect via the Internet—are engaging, insightful, and fun for parents and kids. It’s ½ hour of rich discussion (which includes laughter) now to avoid stress-talk-about-grades for months to come!

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