Grow Kindness Web Workshop


We can all always use more kindness. (Yes, this is an absolute!)

How do we get it? How do we grow it?

Join us as we take an entrepreneurial look at growing kindness.

We’ll look at

  1. What it takes to favor the IN-COME of kindness
  2. What behaviors are at the EXPENSE of “gentillesse”.
  3. The goal is for the entire family to PROFIT.

We’ll follow how the B____ kids who, through their ultra-cute lemonade stand, gain more mon(ey), more fun, and more yum(my)...all because they built on the foundation of kindness.

Join us for ½ hour of rich parent-child discussion.

This is an online event for parents with their children. You connect through the Internet from the comfort of your couch, cuddles up with your kids.
With Home Is Fun Web-Workshops

- Moms and dads establish a framework .
- Kids get heard.
- Everyone wins.

Sign-up here. First three families to sign up join for free!


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