• Have Fun :

    Have Fun“Fun makes fun, and the fun fun makes makes more fun !” (Paraphrase on a German proverb about money.)

    Laughs or cash, when invested well, sure make nice returns. Try our ideas to grow your family’s Great Memory Bank.

    • Activities with a "+" :

      These fun and even kooky activities can also teach a lesson (it’s optional). Blow HUMONGOUS bubbles and broach the need for boundaries. And more…

    • Movie Night :

      Fun 1—Great entertainment Fun 2—Lots of cuddles Fun 3—Discussion tips to help parents and kids explore deep issues in the safety of your home.

    • Fun Cooking with Kids :

      Make delicious cooking memories with our hilarious techniques and recipes. For starters, try chopping chocolate with hammer. Ideas for main courses too…

  • Love Creatively :

    Love CreativelySome days we don’t know how to share “I love you.” Explore these ideas to gain perspective and try a new way to connect with and enjoy those you love.

    • Love Languages :

      Mom says, “I love you,” with a kiss, but Junior hates being touched. Learn how to love their way. It reinforces self-confidence, makes discipline easier, and stimulates smiles. Learn more…

    • Innovative Communication :

      Stock up on ideas to broach sensitive issues in creative ways. These games and tips even add joy to discipline! That’s just the start…

    • Love Every Day :

      Home is Fun presents do-able, creative loving tips for normal, everyday life. Like you, we don't have time to add to our full plates. Here are ways to tweak every day behavior to brighten up your family relationships. Consider a cheerful greeting and more…

    • Dads' Space :

      Discover these great celebrations of fatherhood. Consider these ways to encourage fathers to relate to kids without a mother’s intervention!

    • Romance :

      Couple time doesn’t “happen;” it needs to be “made.” Consider some amusing ways to carve out time and fun with your mate. (Kids are like air. They’ll take all the space available, the emotional space too. You’ll be better able to fill their emotional needs when yours are met too.)

  • Make Life Easier :

    Make Life EasierEvery family has at least one sentence that gets repeated 100 times. “Hurry!” “Did you flush the toilet?”… Try our time and energy saving tips and tools to make those messages more fun for you and the kids.

    • Tool Kit : Tools to make life easier. these take ideas from parenting experts and translate them into an activity you can do around while preparing dinner, on the way to school, during your regular schedule.

      Many of these tools include free downloads. 
      Sign up on the site and you'll get your free code to 
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    • School Smart :

      This is the third sub-section of the third category.

    • Tips to Make Life Easier :

      Tried and tested tips from other families to yours. Try the dot system to easily sort laundry and more...

    • How To... :

      How to turn everyday challenges into opportunities, like helping kids WANT to do for school on time, WANT to save money, and more…

  • Grow Wiser :

    Grow WiserParenting insights learned the easy way (from books), the professional way (from the business world), the hard (from practice) and wacky ways (from sports, nature, observations), and through faith.


    • Expert Nuggets :

      You read their nuggets in most of our articles. Learn about them and their resources.

    • Biz Wiz at Home :

      With a touch of flair, business concepts—like corporate culture, evaluation methods, marketing—help home run smoothly. Test our tips to translate positive professional practices into entertaining tools at home.

    • Life Lessons :

      Favorite parenting lessons from unconventional sources like sports, nature, and even our crazy home. Try ski lessons to perk up your parenting style and more….

    • Parenting with Faith :

      We all want to bring up GREAT kids. That means having and passing on values.  Home is Fun encourages you to know what you believe about life, purpose, the future...and why you believe it.  Comfort in your spiritual stance makes passing it on much easier.

      The Home is Fun values are Bible-based; they have met our needs and answered our questions. 

  • Celebrate! :

    CelebrateWe love to celebrate holidays and birthdays. In a busy life, these dates invite families to stop the rushing clock and savor a memorable moment.


    • Happy Birthdays! :

      Discover our favorite ways to make the birthday child feel special…and keep yourself and your wallet healthy.

      Coming Soooooon!

    • Great Gifts :

      Enjoy more laughter-filled relationships with these out-of-the-ordinary gifts.  Help all the family re-discover some of the priceless gifts often taken for granted.

    • Holidays :

      We celebrate both French and American holidays. Enjoy 4th and the 14th of July fun as well as international classics such as April Fool’s.

      At the request of readers, we also feature Christian holidays: a brief explanation of the event and smile-generating ways to capture the spirit of the celebration.

  • Power Pointers :

    Brush your teeth !Boys brush teeth

    Make your bed

    Clean up after yourself.Teen cleans of kitchen table

    Check that homework...Mom checks son's homework

    Help with chores...with a smile!
    kids help parent cook pizza

    Power Pointers = 1000 Word Picture
    Let's take a great idea from the workplace and apply it at home. Ever had a budget presentation without seeing the numbers? How about buying a $Zillion product without having seen, touched, or tested it? That can happen…rarely.  When we buy into an idea, we use many of our senses.

    Everyday, at home, parents “sell” thrilling missions like “Make your bed!” and we only use our voice. When that doesn’t work, we use more of it—repetition and/or increased volume. When that happens…it’s rarely fun.

    That’s why Home is Fun developed Power Pointers. It’s pictures saying 1000 words. It’s a “show and tell” tool for parents to clearly tell their kids what they expect. It’s a way for parents to select which of those zillion expectations are really essential.

    Power Pointers: Simple = Smart
    We use photos of children doing what they are supposed to do (yes, these are posed pictures) at three critical times during the day: 1. before school, 2. after school, and 3. before bed. Funny how it’s also the time parents can either enjoy or …. their kids. To put the odds on fun’s side, we designed our standard Power Pointers with one goal for each of these time periods.

    • Before going to bed => prepare for tomorrow so that everyone’s day starts off well. (ex. pack your schoolbag, choose your clothes, give Mom or Dad anything that requires a signature)
    • Before going to school => learn to care for yourself and your belongings.
    • Before dinner => learn to be responsible in work and play.

    Power Pointers: Smart = Personalized
    Power Pointers work best when your child sees himself in them. Our free downloads let you do just that. Insert your child’s picture (it’ll look funny, which is great) or let her draw herself in. Try our standard Power Pointers first; it’ll help clarify your priorities. Then you can create your own personalized Power Pointers using our extensive array of photos.

    For best results, print your Power Pointers on photo paper or have them plasticized.

    Power Pointers are Free

    It’s a pleasure to share them with you free of charge. We do request that you sign up for our free newsletter to download the Power Pointers. 

    Not signed up? Click here to get started.

     Power Pointers

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  • Shop :

    ShopHome Is Fun brings you a hand-picked selection of great reads and fun activities for the whole family. Browse the categories listed to the right and use our affiliation links to make your purchases on-line, either in the USA or in France (currently all English material). You pay the price listed by our partners, and a percentage of your purchase goes to support!


    The Very First Noel with Andy Griffith

    The Very First Noel
    with Andy Griffith
    Follow the adventures of the three wise men looking for the newborn king. Very cute.

    It's a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra with James Steward and Donna Reed

    It's a Wonderful Life
    by Frank Capra with James Steward and Donna Reed. This Christmas classic reminds us of the most precious gifts.

    Christmas Thumbprints by Klutz

    Christmas Thumbprints
    by Klutz. The Most Amazing Thumb Doodles has them all.

    Holiday Cookie Cutters

    Holiday Cookie Cutters
    Yummy fo the tummy & pretty for the tree.

    Da Vinci frame by Dynamic Frames makes a wonderful Frame of Fame.  Easy to change!

    Frame of Fame
    Slide in and out frame for house rules, kids art...

    Window Art by Klutz

    Window Art by KlutzGreat to trim the tree with handmade "stained-glass" AND memories.

    Boyton Mom's Calendar for 2009

    Mom's Family Calendar
    A column per person...keeps the schedules clear.

    The Five Love Languages for Kids (Includes the Five Love Languages Assessment Tool for Children) by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell

    The Five Love Languages of Children
    How to give love in a way the kids feel it.

    Financially Fit Kids by Joline Godfrey, CEO of Independent Means Inc

    Raising Financially Fit Kids
    Preparing our kids to become wise, secure, and contributing adults.

    • Parent Fun & Books :


    • Books Kids Read :

      Parents know these are great book 'cause the children snuggle up with them over and over again.

    • Games Kids Play :

      Discover our favorite games and our free tips to make play time enjoyable and educational for all.  (Mom and Dad might learn to laugh like a child again!)

    • Arts & Crafts for Kids :

      Isn't children's art evocative!  It captures the moment (kids grow up so quickly) and highlights their abilities.  Our easy tips for parents add that tiny touch (a display technique, suggested materials...) that transforms "nice kid art" into something Mom and Dad are proud to display.  Affirm your child through his arts and crafts.

    • Family Movies :

      Movies invite families to cuddle up and broach serious issues in entertaining ways.  Kids, snuggle up with Mom and Dad.  Parents, check out our movie reviews for discussion ideas.

    • Cooking & Kids :

      Bon appetit! Discover cookbooks to inspire parents with menu ideas, with quick fix and healthy recipes to cook FOR kids, and for fun and easy meals to cook up WITH kids.

    • Household Organizers :


    • Sing-alongs :

      Who wants a lecture when they could hear a song?  Instead of "Hurry" sing "These Boots Are Made For Walking" with your daughter.  Boost your son's courage with "We Are the Champions"!  Let pop music make family fun.