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Grow Kindness Web Workshop


We can all always use more kindness. (Yes, this is an absolute!)

How do we get it? How do we grow it?

Join us as we take an entrepreneurial look at growing kindness.

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Boost Love - Parent & Child Workshop in Paris

For every “NO!” how often do you encourage?

So much of our family conversation seems tainted by critique or correction.  Maybe it's because so much of our discussion centers around giving instructions. 

Do these sound familiar?

Dad: "How is homework coming along?  Did you do it WELL?"


Mom: "For how long did you brush your teeth?"

Kid:  "Why do you ask me again and again?"

Mom:  "Didn't you know a mom is a spy?!  Besides, too often I find your toothbrush dry!"

Great homes share exchanges like these.  They also include more...

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7 Ways to Turn Cooking Into a Game

“So what do you like to cook with yours kids?” my brother asked.
“It doesn’t matter what we cuisine. Its how that makes cooking with kids such a blast.”

Discover our revolutionary cooking techniques that transform mundane kitchen gestures into playful moves. Quality results guaranteed:
- Your meals will taste as delicious as with your usual style
- Your memories will turn out absolutely divine

Once you’ve tried our hilarious cooking techniques, you’ll be hungry for our cleaning up ones too!

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How To Develop Dinnertime Conversation Skills

Vacation time is coming…and with it more family meals.  One friend beseeched, “What do you do to keep the kids from bickering at the dinner table?  We hear that family meals are a prime time to build strong relationships, but not “chez nous!” (in our home)

The art of discussion, like many great talents, flourishes with training.  (In contrast to rambling which can come naturally…)  For some it’s a lost art.  A friend who coaches CEO’s informed me that top managers now seek to teach their teams in conversation skills! 

Parents, coach in discourse now.  It may be better late than never.  It’s best early than late.

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Blueberry Picking…or Tweaking Expectations

A friend buzzed off an email writing, “It’s NOW.  Time to go pick blueberries.  They’re early this year….”  Images of this city girl (moi) coming home with baskets laden with luscious bluebes germinated in my imagination. 

I love making gourmet jams, and Blueberry Cinnamon ranks among the family favorites.   So, off I drove out into the country for a before-the-crowd harvesting opportunity.

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Parenting Insights from Baking !

There IS a flip-side to flops.   I re-learned this lesson during our annual family fundraiser where our boys bake LOTS of cakes.  Catch a whiff of the parenting lessons learned through our baking fiascos.  They’re delicious!

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'Twas 9 Months Before Christmas...Remember the Story!

<img style= Read up on this movie-like story. (In fact, award winning The Nativity Story is now showing on screens worldwide!) It's surreal...like this angelic girl. 

We still sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and visit museums filled with art depicting the birth of Jesus.  Those who know the Christmas story are culturally informed. We went back to its source, the Bible, to share it with you.

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Get the Best From Your Babysitter

Does the teen caring for your tot know what “great babysitting” means? Many parents pay for satisfactory child care. Why not set higher standards and train your babysitters to meet them? Check out Babysitter ABC’s (free download), teens’ first job description!

the Babysitter ABC's directly or read on for helpful tips.

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Who’s Job Is It Anyhow?

Turn Off Lights makes world smileAre you ever on the wrong end of your spouse’s critiques for things that you did not do? It happened chez nous most mornings after breakfast. The kids eat and leave their mess to brush their teeth or be on time for school. While I congratulate myself on their sense of responsibility, my husband enters the kitchen and comments on (complains about, critiques, swears over…) the cereals left on the table and dishes in the sink. My ego balloon busts.

Free download.  To access directly, click here.

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Go for the Prize & Score HIGH !

Gold Medal Men SkatingRecently, I gathered the children for a something-has-to-change discussion. These occur when I realize that Mom and Dad suffer the negative consequences for our children’s inattention. “The kids need to feel the pain to change,” thought I. Needless to say, my sons resisted. “It’s not fair, Mom. You’re giving us another punishment.”

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