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Bye Bye Laundry Mishaps…Get Clothes Spot On

Sort kids' laundry the easy peasy wayFinally some home-help tips
- to keep Tom from complaining that Joey's wearing his favorite shirt
- to give Belle-Maman (mother-in-law) a way to easily and truly help around the house
- to assure with certainty that it is Suzette’s new blouse that was lying around and is now in the buy-back-bin

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Unwind...to Spring Back

Recharging with quiet timeHow do other moms with young kids stay sane? I love the story of the mother who settled into a chair, put a blanket on top of her head, and instructed the family, “No interruptions unless there is blood.”

When I need the time out, the children are often wired too. The real question becomes, “How to create an environment (for 10 minutes) without the risk of bloodshed?!” Read on.

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Laugh 'Til You Drop

Mon, son & daughter tickling & laughingParent's Advent:  December 18

Laughter might not be the best medicine, but it sure is a good one. Conquer your blues by laughing ‘til you’re blue in the face.

Invite the tickle monster chez vous. The joy is contagious.

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Build a Snowman Without the Cold!

Snowman or snowface?It snowed all day today in Paris. “C’est la belle vie,” conveyed the teens. Their gleeful cries rang loudly as snowballs whizzed by. “It’s a pain,” thought every driver. “Let’s build a snowman!” exclaimed the kids.

They loved it…until their fingers froze and you’d only completed the snowhead. That’s why we love the snowface.

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Make a No-Cook Gingerbread Man

Parents' Advent: December 16

Those adorable ginger people welcome in the festive feelings: warmth & spice, smiles & rejoicing, hearth & home… Too bad it’s so complicated to make before the BIG fun of decorating begins. That’s why this short-cut brings out the best in kids’ ginger-fashion design talents without having to mix, cool, roll, and bake the dough.

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Add Sparkle to Your Windows

Boy decorating with holiday GelGemsParents' Advent:  December 14

Though our children love to decorate the tree, they prefer to adorn the windows. Every day they can change the look! Holiday window fashion changes daily…at least in Paris or homes with kids.

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Write Someone You Won’t See this Holiday

Boy writing Christmas Card“2 b or not 2 b 2gether 4 Xmas?” texted FrenchSanta. Rudolph_1901 e-mailed back with a link to a facebook page. “Wishing you a Merry Merry!” tweeted HotSnowQueen to both of them…and her 674 other followers and friends. All messages were written, read, and deleted in less than a minute. The old-fashioned hand-written note keeps longer.

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Speak Your Message In Many Ways

Boy pointing to Home Is Fun Power PointerParents' Advent:  December 9

As a youth living in Paris, we welcomed an American and a French teen to dinner one night. My siblings and I were translating for our guests. One of the cracked a joke, so instead of translating, we laughed. “What did he say?” inquired the American. “Qu’est ce qu’il a dit? asked the French. (It means, “What did he say?”) We roared with laughter to their growing displeasure. Each demanded a translation or “What did he say?” and “Qu’est ce qu’il a dit?” They did not change words, just the volume. We still could not hear them for laughing so loudly.

If the message isn’t getting across, say it differently.

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Make a Thankfulness Garland

The fact is that intangible things are hard to grasp—by definition and from experience. This easy and decorative garland brings gratitude home—literally and figuratively.

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No Prep Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving means family reunions. Good news, bad news or a bit of both?! With busy schedules and time apart, it’s not always easy to reconnect. Stimulate positive conversations between cousins, grandparents, friends and even the nuclear family with these thanksgiving ideas.

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