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Download the Babysitter ABC's

Grade Guessor SampleGet the free downloads from  Get the Best From Your Babysitter. You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 

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Who’s Job Is It Anyhow?

Turn Off Lights makes world smileAre you ever on the wrong end of your spouse’s critiques for things that you did not do? It happened chez nous most mornings after breakfast. The kids eat and leave their mess to brush their teeth or be on time for school. While I congratulate myself on their sense of responsibility, my husband enters the kitchen and comments on (complains about, critiques, swears over…) the cereals left on the table and dishes in the sink. My ego balloon busts.

Free download.  To access directly, click here.

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Go for the Prize & Score HIGH !

Gold Medal Men SkatingRecently, I gathered the children for a something-has-to-change discussion. These occur when I realize that Mom and Dad suffer the negative consequences for our children’s inattention. “The kids need to feel the pain to change,” thought I. Needless to say, my sons resisted. “It’s not fair, Mom. You’re giving us another punishment.”

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Play with a Deck of Fun Memories

Mom and sons playing cardsParents' Advent: December 15

Personalize a deck of cards with a photo taken during a family outing. These make wonderful stocking stuffers and even better reminders that your family has fun together.

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Write Someone You Won’t See this Holiday

Boy writing Christmas Card“2 b or not 2 b 2gether 4 Xmas?” texted FrenchSanta. Rudolph_1901 e-mailed back with a link to a facebook page. “Wishing you a Merry Merry!” tweeted HotSnowQueen to both of them…and her 674 other followers and friends. All messages were written, read, and deleted in less than a minute. The old-fashioned hand-written note keeps longer.

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Speak Your Message In Many Ways

Boy pointing to Home Is Fun Power PointerParents' Advent:  December 9

As a youth living in Paris, we welcomed an American and a French teen to dinner one night. My siblings and I were translating for our guests. One of the cracked a joke, so instead of translating, we laughed. “What did he say?” inquired the American. “Qu’est ce qu’il a dit? asked the French. (It means, “What did he say?”) We roared with laughter to their growing displeasure. Each demanded a translation or “What did he say?” and “Qu’est ce qu’il a dit?” They did not change words, just the volume. We still could not hear them for laughing so loudly.

If the message isn’t getting across, say it differently.

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No Prep Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving means family reunions. Good news, bad news or a bit of both?! With busy schedules and time apart, it’s not always easy to reconnect. Stimulate positive conversations between cousins, grandparents, friends and even the nuclear family with these thanksgiving ideas.

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Grade-Guessor Download

Glad enjoying free downloads.  Please sign up!
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When Junior Grades Himself...

Grades ReviewHow do you get your child (a student) ready to listen, appreciate constructive criticism, and even change? Is that wishing too much? Compare the report card to the employee’s performance review.

In one of my first performance reviews, my boss asked me to evaluate myself first. It was eye-opening…and mind and heart opening too.

download now or read on and learn how to use it!

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De-Clutter: Tip 103 Keep the Jungle OUT

"See anything to pick up on your side?"

In an ideal world, children pick up their stuff and parents come home to a crispy clean, welcoming living room. Many of us, though, live in the jungle. Take courage; there are ways to tame it.

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