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Should our family define our values?

Isn’t it exasperating when you ask your child to be kind to his friend...and he goes off to be mean to his sibling!

“But I did what you said!” your kid responds all confused.

Maybe its time to talk about values in a different way.

Sign up NOW for our free family webinar for parents and kids to discuss values together.

Join us on February 7 at 14:00 Paris time for a family activity to help your family together define your values AND what that means in your home.

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Top 60 Gifts of 2014...They're All People. How is YOUR Support Network?

It’s been hard to move into 2015, and partly because I had not closed up 2014. Here’s to looking back (kindly) so as to look forward (hopefully and hope-filled-ly).

My greatest profits from 2014 result from investing in relationships:  personal, professional, communal, and spiritual.  Sometimes it"s one individual; other times it's a group.  High returns?  Totally!...even when sometimes there are yeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrs of dedicating loving before the returns flow back in abundance.  Still worth it.



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Humor à la French...Good & Clean Laughter

My fun-loving brother sent this to me.  I'm daring to send it on to you in hopes you'll laugh too. 

To whomever thought it up, thanks for the great Franco-American humor!


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Prince Darling—It Worked For Us!

Enjoy this behind the scenes insight into transforming kids' disinterest into motivation.

I am regularly on the lookout for ways to share the value of values with my children.  They know it!..and it hardly thrills them.   We “enjoy” teaching moments when my kids “bloop” (big time misbehave) . Yet how I desire for them to understand that wrong behavior is wrong whether they get caught or not and that right behavior earns trust! (We're not defining either right or wrong here, just considering that in a family they exist.) 

The story of Prince Darling beautifully depicts a related message: behavior has consequences and our attitude and subsequent actions determine the intensity of those consequences (good and bad). I wanted to share this fable with the family so that we could talk about these issues as principles to uphold. (i.e. not a discipline guilt-trip pontification)

How to go about it? What if the kids aren’t interested?

Get the inside scoop from this family (read on) or directly download the Prince Darling fable.

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Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

How "Greeky" or "geeky" is your clan? Some.  A “normal” family does not exist. We’re all unique.

Try this entertaining family activity to laugh at your oddities.  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" provides hilarious material for our own "family emotional analysis."

Good = go directly to the free downloads.

Better = read about it first!  Enjoy.

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Download the "My Big Fat Geek Family" Questionnaire

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How To Develop Dinnertime Conversation Skills

Vacation time is coming…and with it more family meals.  One friend beseeched, “What do you do to keep the kids from bickering at the dinner table?  We hear that family meals are a prime time to build strong relationships, but not “chez nous!” (in our home)

The art of discussion, like many great talents, flourishes with training.  (In contrast to rambling which can come naturally…)  For some it’s a lost art.  A friend who coaches CEO’s informed me that top managers now seek to teach their teams in conversation skills! 

Parents, coach in discourse now.  It may be better late than never.  It’s best early than late.

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Million $ Birthday Chair

The Birthday Chair gets big bang out of little time, energy, and funds...and it does it every year. For less than $1, your precious child feels like $1 Million!

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Three + Cheers for Dad, the Family Champ !

One genuine affirmation scores high, several encouraging thoughts proclaim an all-out victory. That’s the goal on Father’s Day: to let Dad know he’s a champ.

Download the card now or read on.

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Listen, Ponder, & Maybe Adapt

Girl telling mom important stuffParents' Advent : December 8

Kids are our mirror. It’s what makes them so endearing and displeasing. “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the loveliest of them all?” Snow White’s stepmother did not ask to glimpse at grey hairs…or angry expressions, whining attitudes, and stress signs!

The good news and bad news: our children-mirrors talk.

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