Turn Work into Fun

Running = WORK (in my book).  It’s effort, sweat, and sore muscles.

And yet, I wanted to run yesterday as The Color Runners pranced by me during the Paris race.  It’s a 5K race and every kilometer is marked by a shower of color.  They call it “The Happiest 5K on the planet.”

What if we could infuse our home management with such joy?  Here’s my go at it:

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How Mother’s Shock Got Kids Doing Chores

Getting kids to help with chores seemed like an ideal requiring extra-superlative effort made by super-moms...

until some ugly attitudes crept up chez nous. Then it became a vital necessity.

Photo at left:  demure Mom Shock.  Below is more what I felt like.

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Thanksgiving Team Clean-Up: It Worked for Us

Will the kitchen be off-base for guests during Thanksgiving or not? To be or not to be, that was the question!

Sure you can download (for free) our handy organizational tips right away.  Even better, find out how to use them first.  You'll find the download link below too.

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Thanksgiving Celebration for EVERYONE: Delegate set up & clean up with humor & ease

Thanksgiving Celebration for EVERYONE: When Set Up and Clean Up Is Shared

Thanksgiving celebrates collaboration. The Indians helped the settlers. The turkey gave up all for our feast. Who’s doing what for your Thanksgiving celebration?

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"Be Happy. We're All Turkeys. Help Out!" Downloads

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Parenting Tips from the Paris Marathon: Train to Win

Ready? Set? Go!  More parenting tips inspired by Paris Marathon runners.

What Was The Toughest?

Running on asphalt (and cobblestones!) when I had trained on soft surfaces. After 5 km, I started having cramps. Next time, I’ll train differently.

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If the Kids Offered Parents Some Precious Time!

For years, my husband and I have been offering our children a “Rendez Vous”—one-on-one time to enjoy as they choose. (Click for free download)

This year, I want their time too.

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Download the Vacation Job Charts

Free Chore Chart for kidsGet the free downloads from  With Job Charts, Mom & Dad Vacation Too! You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 

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What’s the Prize @ Home?

Ice Dancing Gold MedalistsIt’s Vancouver Olympics time. Every sportsperson is going for Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Fourth place has no prize. What is the sign of success at home…for the Olympian feats of keeping rooms clean, picking up after oneself, and chewing with a closed mouth? Silence? How motivating is that?!

Love of the sport (like a nice home, relaxed parents) motivates. The prize brings out the exceptional performance.

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Who’s Job Is It Anyhow?

Turn Off Lights makes world smileAre you ever on the wrong end of your spouse’s critiques for things that you did not do? It happened chez nous most mornings after breakfast. The kids eat and leave their mess to brush their teeth or be on time for school. While I congratulate myself on their sense of responsibility, my husband enters the kitchen and comments on (complains about, critiques, swears over…) the cereals left on the table and dishes in the sink. My ego balloon busts.

Free download.  To access directly, click here.

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