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Around The World Cookbook

by Abigail Johnson Dodge
Johnson Dodge invites world-discovery into your child's mind via the tummy!  It's a tasty geography, culture, and cooking adventure for all the family. Not only do children learn how to turn a "Croque Monsieur" into a "Croque Madame" (French recipe similar to a grilled cheese), they also tackle Vietnamese Lettuce Rolles, Indian Veggie Curry, Mexican Chocolate Pudding, and English Scones to name a few.  Finally a kid's cookbook that's also adult-friendly.  The recipes are delicious...and in a pinch (every day?) mom and dad can cook them up quickly too!  

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Forever Summer

insert image in small size linked to itself by Nigella Lawson
"Nigella Lawson has done more than anyone recently to revive the art of cooking for the sheer fun of it." -- Bon Appetit

Her recipes are a laugh...and delicious. My friend who introduced me to Nigella confessed she read these cookbooks in bed!  Indeed, these delectable recipes are entertainment in and of themselves.  Enjoy many a fresh and unique salads forever this summer...or when you wish to "conjure up the sun, some light, a lazy feeling of having all the wide-skied time in the world to sit back and eat warmly with friends."
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Williams Sonoma Fun Food

insert image in small size linked to itself Williams-Sonoma Fun Foods
by Stephanie Rosenbaum

Is your child's tummy growling? Are they acting faint with hunger? Teach your kids to cook for themselves (and for you) with the 25 Fun Food scrumptious ideas.  It satisfies the entire family:  the kids desperate hunger, your son's concern to wow future girl friends on a low budget, your daughter's thirst to impress Mom and Dad, and the parents' need to find a fun activity with the kids.  For youngsters age 8 and up. 
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