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How patient is your love?

A couple’s 4 years from “I will” to “I do”...and I, the parenting trainer, didn’t last 1 week... 

Here are the stories:

The Romance Story

This Valentine’s Day I attended an extra, extra-special wedding. Four years ago, the groom had to leave his home country, Pakistan, to seek political asylum in France. As a forthright pastor, his life was threatened. His fiancé’s was not; she stayed behind.

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Top 60 Gifts of 2014...They're All People. How is YOUR Support Network?

It’s been hard to move into 2015, and partly because I had not closed up 2014. Here’s to looking back (kindly) so as to look forward (hopefully and hope-filled-ly).

My greatest profits from 2014 result from investing in relationships:  personal, professional, communal, and spiritual.  Sometimes it"s one individual; other times it's a group.  High returns?  Totally!...even when sometimes there are yeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrs of dedicating loving before the returns flow back in abundance.  Still worth it.



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New Attitude About Love

Making love? Tonight? Again?!

When we had four boys under seven, I fantasized about going on a relationship sabbatical. No calling after me; no touching me.

My days (and nights) were filled with demands from all sides: Crying baby demanding something (to be figured out) NOW. A teaching-opportunity (a.k.a. a fight between the kids) here. Spilled milk there. “How do you write ‘cat’?” “Can you read to me?” “PIPI!!!!!” Urgent diaper change coming through!! The drop which invariably made my cup topple over was when, at the end of the day my husband would cuddle up and whisper, “Honey...(wink)” Heaven sounded like one year of being “off-call.”

But what was my attitude teaching the kids? Me >>> We. ("Me" is much more important than "We")  Oops.

Here are some thoughts that helped me change my attitude.

(Photo story:  we visited this pre-Inca Largo Museum as a family.  The Erotic Room sure provided a memorable experience!)

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Why French Romance is Superior : Loving à la OhOh et LaLa

Until Pamela Druckerman’s recent book, Bringing Up Bebe, the French parenting excellence was a well kept secret, but not so for their flare for romance.

What makes the French so sexy? I believe it’s the French women that made their men into such reputed lovers!

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Get the Best From Your Babysitter

Does the teen caring for your tot know what “great babysitting” means? Many parents pay for satisfactory child care. Why not set higher standards and train your babysitters to meet them? Check out Babysitter ABC’s (free download), teens’ first job description!

the Babysitter ABC's directly or read on for helpful tips.

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Hot Daddy

Hot Daddy from LetMeColor Lamborghini Coloring Book"Honey, I LOOOOVE your fathering those kids." 

Back in the youth of our marriage, I wanted to “help” my husband become a “good father.” My action plan: behaviour modification. Mistake!

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Married...to a Frenchman!

French American wedding"Marriage is about resolving together problems you would not have on your own."  I was recently invited as the panel “expert” on Franco-American couples and wrote down these tips. My husband and I benefit from/struggle with obvious cultural difference, but doesn't every couple experience them to some degree?  

(When my husband of 17 years learned I was speaking, he had a coughing fit and demanded to see the “real” expert!)

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Say "I Know You...and I Love You Still" to Your Spouse

“Honey, could you pick up some ____ at the store and, oh, you’re SO virile.” Sometimes husband and wife just need to make the occasion for the message to come across correctly.

Words spoken during the heat of the moment (whether in romantic frenzy, passionate anger at the kids or...) ring differently from reflected, posed feedback. The former easily rolls off of my tongue. The second may be more important because it requires concerted effort.

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French Loving for Couples

Robert Doisneau, the French photographer, captures the after marché "je ne sais quoi...Ooh la la!"

Men spell intimacy S-E-X.

Women spell it T-A-L-K.

It’s the N°2 love need (after unconditional love) for men and women according to Barbara and Gary Rosberg in the 5 Love Needs of Men & Women.

Be international lovers and, men, discover French ways to talk to your wives. Women, try out sexy French tips.

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Download the Couples Love Talk

Couples Love Talk to give and get positive feedback

Get the free downloads from Count the Ways You're Lovin' Your Spouse. You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 


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