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It’s The Thought That Counts...Which One?!

Overheard around our kitchen table...

“Hey Kids! Guess what Mom & Dad want for Christmas?”

“What?” “Tell me!” “No, me first!”...

“First, a GREAT attitude during out next family outing...”

“That’s WAY too hard. Can’t I just buy you something?”

“Next, five tastes of a new food without making a fuss...”

Our ten year old stripped the holiday décor off our wishes: “You want us to obey in the areas where we disobey!” 

“That’s stupid!” retorted our status-conscious teen. “Good presents we (meaning the parents) buy.”

Download the Great Attitude "Dollar" now or read on first.


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Giving Thanks When You Don't Feel Like It

True or False: Thanksgiving Day was declared a national holiday during a time of unprecedented conflict and killing among brothers.

(Isn't this an intriguing photo?  Lincoln stands a head taller than the soldiers, yet he has great posture and wears a tall top hat.  In our age, we're hiding our physical quirks.  He's thankful for his!)

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Three + Cheers for Dad, the Family Champ !

One genuine affirmation scores high, several encouraging thoughts proclaim an all-out victory. That’s the goal on Father’s Day: to let Dad know he’s a champ.

Download the card now or read on.

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Parents Get an Advent Calendar Too!

Advent Calendar for ParentsHappy Advent !

We’re taking the four themes of advent—truth, love, joy, peace—and applying them to the family. One tid-bit per day.

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‘Fess Up When You Mess Up

Mom admitting mistakeThe truth is that parents sometimes mess up (rarely). Do you tell your kids too that it’s OK to make mistakes, just admit it, learn from it, and move on? Do you do it too?

The kids are always watching.

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Hot Daddy

Hot Daddy from LetMeColor Lamborghini Coloring Book"Honey, I LOOOOVE your fathering those kids." 

Back in the youth of our marriage, I wanted to “help” my husband become a “good father.” My action plan: behaviour modification. Mistake!

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Give Dad a Lamborghini for Father’s Day !

Boy making Father's Day Lamborghini Coloring cardWhy settle for less?! Dad drives kids to dream big and steers them on the right path. Now we’re cruisin’… LetMeColor made it easy (and less expensive) with these current and vintage models.

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Hip Hip Hurray for Home Heroes

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Father's Day! What happens the other 364 days?

Friends have compared parents to the cathedral builders of old: they never saw the finished work of their daily efforts which are now widely admired. 

No need to wait for future generations.  Help your children recognize Mom and Dad's contribution today. It's key to life success.

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Feel-Appreciated Tip 101

You’re right. Being a parent is a thankless job. Your cleaning up the children's sticky  mess...again? Your ears drum from the kids’ rowdy noise? Oooh, smell that fart! And yet, there is so much for which to be thankful. At least you can taste, touch, hear, and smell!

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