101 Ways to Tell Your Kids "I Love You"

Home is Fun!

Enjoy these speedy (30 second), quick (5 minute), and activity-oriented ways to share a Loving Touch, a Loving Gift, an Act of Service, a Loving Affirmation, or a Shared Moment.  (Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages)

Helping our children KNOW we love them even when _______ (list the tasks parents ask kids to do when they would rather play) and despite our _______ (all those traits children bring out in Mom and Dad that expose slight imperfections) is what www.home-is-fun.com is all about!

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Say "I Know You...and I Love You Still" to Your Spouse

“Honey, could you pick up some ____ at the store and, oh, you’re SO virile.” Sometimes husband and wife just need to make the occasion for the message to come across correctly.

Words spoken during the heat of the moment (whether in romantic frenzy, passionate anger at the kids or...) ring differently from reflected, posed feedback. The former easily rolls off of my tongue. The second may be more important because it requires concerted effort.

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Family Annual Review Downloads

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Happy New Year!

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The Family Annual Review

We LOVE the Family Annual Review. It helps everyone easily prioritize, give and get feedback positively, and voluntarily address family issues. Make it a fun family meeting...over dessert!

Read on for the "How To's" or go right to the download.


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The Gift Kids Crave...the MOSTEST

T’was the day after Christmas, and all through the house,
You’d think no whimper they’d utter, playing quiet as a mouse.
The presents were all opened, (the wrapping they did tear)
In hopes that St. Nicholas would satisfy their deep care.

When out from the kids’ room there arose such a clatter
I woke up from my nap to see what was the matter
When, what to my exhausted ears should I seize
“Mommy, Daddy, will you play with me please?”

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Mom, Dad, WHAT Do You Do All Day?

Mom talks about her work to her childrenThe gift is getting to know YOU.  Talk about your professional life to your children.  It lets kids appreciate parents better and prepares them for something that'll be central to their lives soooooon.  (Time flies) 

We made these conversation-triggering cards laughable and fun so that parents could offer them as a gift:  a present to know each other better, a recognition of maturity, a rite of passage... 

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10 Questions Kids Ask About Work

Mom, Dad What do you like about work?Get the free downloads from Mom, Dad, WHAT Do You Do All Day?  You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free).

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Movie Review: It's a Wonderful Life

Pizza & Movie Night in Paris! It's how 100 of us watched It's a Wonderful Life for our first Home Is Fun party.  With full tummies and hearts warmed by the movie, we split up into age-appropriate discussion groups.  Download our question-guide to enjoy discussions chez vous (at your home).

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Present a Hope-filled Future

Father in business suit

"Dad, is work fun?"

Yes, it is exciting to complete a job well. Tell the children through your own experiences.

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Movie Review: Ratatouille

Remy (Ratatouille) making his dream come true: to become a great chef like Auguste Gusteau.

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