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Positive Disciplince Class in Paris

What I love about leading Positive Discipline parenting classes is that we all know we are not perfect and, for a moment at least, we put those masks down and decide to get real.

And laughing helps us learn. 

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Exploring Courage: It Worked for Us

June 6, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  Remember?  That’s when Allied forces landed on the Normandy beaches to fight for freedom.  9 000 Allied soldiers died on that day to enable 100 000 fellow military to march, swim, fly, and drop into Normandy. 





D-Day is HUGE Deal Day still in our year.

Many of these young soldiers knew their lives were at stake.  Faced with danger, they went forward anyway.  That’s courage.

Would you and I and our kids call out “present” when facing challenge?  How do we encourage courage in our homes?  Try these simple, entertaining, and rich ways. 

Read on to learn about our TWO free downloads or click below for the first.

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Communicate to be Understood

Why do you and I communicate? 

Sometimes I wonder if it’s to hear myself!  How wonderful I am (wink)...how smart I am (nod)...and definitely how right I am (roar with laughter)!

There are also times when I truly desire to get a message across to another person and communication breaks down.  Kaput.  I might understand if I were only giving negative feedback, yet this also happens with a positive or neutral missive.


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Parenting Insights Inspired by Herminia Ibarra: Perfection and Love (Success) Mix Like Oil and Vinegar

Spoke with Herminia Ibarra last night.  Rather, she addressed a group of 30 of us Harvard Women in France... and I participated in the Q & A.  Recognized as one of the top 50 brains (charismatic, engaging, humble, humorous, sharp, and visionary) in business, Ibarra currently teaches and researches out of Insead. 

One of the take away's from her talk:  learning in organizations follows the 70-20-10 rule.

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Quotable Quotes on Humility... from French and American History

To celebrate the national holidays of the United States of America (July 4) and France (July 14), we are honoring some of their great men (and the awesome women who stood beside them).

Use these quotes to help generate stimulating discussions over family meals and throughout vacation time. 

This year’s theme is humility.  Meekness from the mouths of accomplished masters to celebrate pre-eminent nations? Why not?

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The Road Not Taken

Robert FrostThe Road Not Taken

By Robert Frost (1874-1963)
Published in 1920 in Mountain Interval

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You Get What You See : Fruit or Feet

Are you still thankful the day after Thanksgiving?

Some days it’s hard to see beyond the feet. Life IS tough. And yet…there’s hope. Here’s help for parents and children to replace tripping over toes with fruitfulness.

Every year we go pick apples on a farm and return with 50 kilos (110 lbs) of these juicy delicacies. We store three massive crates of apples by our front door. They're hard to miss. This year, two of our children were away during the seasonal collect. Here’s how they discovered the crunchy treats:

One kid: Walking in, “Hey, I see you went to the farm!”

Another child: Walking in, “What’s there to eat?”
Me: “Apples!”
Child: Looking at the empty fruit basket in the kitchen: “Apples?”
Me: “Did you not see our front door?”
Child: “No. I was looking down...at my feet.”

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Get the Best From Your Babysitter

Does the teen caring for your tot know what “great babysitting” means? Many parents pay for satisfactory child care. Why not set higher standards and train your babysitters to meet them? Check out Babysitter ABC’s (free download), teens’ first job description!

the Babysitter ABC's directly or read on for helpful tips.

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Olivia de Havilland Inspires Parenting Scenarios

Who do you want to be like when you (mom’s) grow up? A grand lady? I met one recently: Olivia de Havilland (Melanie in Gone with the Wind). How to describe Miss de Havilland? Gracious. Gentle. Insightful.

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De-clutter Kids’ Room Floor: Tip 102 Get Into the Habit

(This article is a sequel to Tip 101)

Leaving a room messy is a habit. Habits can be changed…with planning, consistency, and even fun. Include a clothes-putting-away-time into the daily schedule. Does laundry get folded when the little ones are asleep? Give them a cute daily reminder to put it away the following morningl.

Read on or download our Cool Tool now.

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