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'Twas 9 Months Before Christmas...Remember the Story!

<img style= Read up on this movie-like story. (In fact, award winning The Nativity Story is now showing on screens worldwide!) It's surreal...like this angelic girl. 

We still sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and visit museums filled with art depicting the birth of Jesus.  Those who know the Christmas story are culturally informed. We went back to its source, the Bible, to share it with you.

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Favorite Fun-Loving, Relationship-Building Gifts

Relationship-Building Christmas GiftsParents' Advent:  December 7

Heard of Love Languages? They're five of these ways that people —you and your kid—best perceive they are loved.  One of them is by receiving a gift! 

Try these which help strengthen family relationships. Stay tuned to the Parents' Advent Calendar.to discover how we used these fun gifts to strengthen family bonds.


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101 Ways to Tell Your Kids "I Love You"

Home is Fun!

Enjoy these speedy (30 second), quick (5 minute), and activity-oriented ways to share a Loving Touch, a Loving Gift, an Act of Service, a Loving Affirmation, or a Shared Moment.  (Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages)

Helping our children KNOW we love them even when _______ (list the tasks parents ask kids to do when they would rather play) and despite our _______ (all those traits children bring out in Mom and Dad that expose slight imperfections) is what www.home-is-fun.com is all about!

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Movie Review: It's a Wonderful Life

Pizza & Movie Night in Paris! It's how 100 of us watched It's a Wonderful Life for our first Home Is Fun party.  With full tummies and hearts warmed by the movie, we split up into age-appropriate discussion groups.  Download our question-guide to enjoy discussions chez vous (at your home).

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Movie Review: Ratatouille

Remy (Ratatouille) making his dream come true: to become a great chef like Auguste Gusteau.

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Make Thinking Time in a Busy Schedule

Alone with my journal and my café It's a lifesaver.  Time alone helped me understand my needs and fill them.

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Movie Review: Sabrina

Sabrina (Ormond) transformed by Paris Sabrina Fair looks and feels "plain Jane" until she's transformed by life in Paris. Then she begins to transfix others with the Paris magic.

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Movie Review: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

First a best-selling book, then the entire Narnia Chronicles, and now a second time best-selling movie.

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Movie Review: Happy Feet

Winner of the 2006 Oscar for Best Animated Film, Happy Feet is the story of Mumble, an Emperor Penguin who can’t sing but can tap dance. To his dad (and the Emperor penguins) this is a curse, even the cause of the fish shortage. Mumble is cast out of their community and sets off to right wrongs.

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THE Astounding Christmas Gift

The story of baby Jesus, God's gift of reconciliation and more...

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