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How patient is your love?

A couple’s 4 years from “I will” to “I do”...and I, the parenting trainer, didn’t last 1 week... 

Here are the stories:

The Romance Story

This Valentine’s Day I attended an extra, extra-special wedding. Four years ago, the groom had to leave his home country, Pakistan, to seek political asylum in France. As a forthright pastor, his life was threatened. His fiancé’s was not; she stayed behind.

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Giving Thanks When You Don't Feel Like It

True or False: Thanksgiving Day was declared a national holiday during a time of unprecedented conflict and killing among brothers.

(Isn't this an intriguing photo?  Lincoln stands a head taller than the soldiers, yet he has great posture and wears a tall top hat.  In our age, we're hiding our physical quirks.  He's thankful for his!)

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Tea for Two

Boy drinking from personalized mugsParents’ Advent: December 11

Think a love-thought for a child or spouse over a cuppa. Write the name of your loved one on the bottom of a mug. Every time you take a cup, look underneath and think a kind thought or say a prayer for your Secret Tea Partner.

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Go on a Rendez-Vous

Father daughter dateTake time one on one with your child. They'll feel loved…and so will you.

Rendez-Vous is the French word for appointment. It’s a one-on-one time between one parent and one child.

Here's the story of the day we were transformed by Rendez-Vous's.  Before then, they had been a good concept.  After then, they became a vitally great moment!

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‘Fess Up When You Mess Up

Mom admitting mistakeThe truth is that parents sometimes mess up (rarely). Do you tell your kids too that it’s OK to make mistakes, just admit it, learn from it, and move on? Do you do it too?

The kids are always watching.

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Choose to Love Your Kids EVERYDAY

When they love you, it’s easy to love them. Then they’re the days when you struggle to speak to them civilly…and they don’t even try. Loving one’s progeny on those days takes creativity, perseverance, and strategy. Read on for encouraging tips.

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LOL (Laughing out loud) ®

starring Sophie Marceau and Christa Theret
It’s a familiar theme—teens and relationships—yet presented à la French.  Mothers bathe with their girls; the high school facilities are to laugh (or cry) out loud; and the boys’ hairdos frighteningly resemble reality!

Lola’s enticement by romance, sex, alcohol and drugs (and disinterest in schoolwork) brings her mother to confront herself… Director Lisa Azuelos successfully conveys the faults and charms of both generations.

Like most teens, Lola’s life centers around experiential adventures with her friends—both guys and girls. My teen boys related to this movie as easily as I did.

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Making Children Mind without Losing Yours

insert image in small size linked to itselfMaking Children Mind without Losing Yours
by Dr. Kevin Leman

Finding the right consequence for a parenting situation is an art form. Kevin Leman—an internationally known psychologist, author, father of five...and funny—teaches the basic principles of reality discipline (i.e. let life's normal consequences train children in wide-decision making) and provides suggestions for common challenges, like meal times, fighting times, lazy times...why, every day! 


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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe from Walt Disney Video by Walt Disney Video and Walden Films
Sent off to the country to be safe from war raids, the four Pevensie children overcome boredom by playing hide-and-seek. Lucy hides in the wardrobe...and walks into the magical world of Narnia. Over tea with Mr. Tumnus (half stag, half human) she learns of the White Witch's spell which has frozen Narnia in winter (yet never Christmas) for over 100 years. According to the Prophecy, when Aslan comes so will two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve to free Narnia from the spell.

But back in the "real world" older brothers and sister don't believe her...until they all get into the wardrobe one day and embark on an adventure.

Truth, treachery, fantastic creatures, adventure, magic and deeper magic still. Based on the novel by C.S. Lewis.

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Cultural Misunderstandings: The French-American Experience

by Raymonde Carroll
Raymonde Carroll presents an intriguing and entertaining analysis of the many ways French and Americans—and indeed any members of different cultures—can misinterpret each other, even when ostensibly speaking the same language. Cultural misunderstandings can arise even where we least expect them—in our closest relationships. (That’s why we received this book as a wedding gift!)

The revealing vignettes sensitize the readers to fundamental differences in French and American presuppositions about love, friendship, and raising children, as well as using the telephone or asking for information.

Cultural Misunderstandings is NOT the absolute guide to why the French or Americans are weird. It is an effective tool to develop awareness of cultural differences and to replace annoyance (“Why is she so ______?!”) with understanding (“Could that behavior stem from a cultural difference?”)

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En français : Evidences Invisibles: Américains et Français au quotidien
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