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Family Annual Review Peek-a-boo—To Mom, stop being a fashion victim. To child, think before you speak

Two of our sons have already given (to parent) and received (from Mom) feedback about what each does well and should continue doing, and about one behavior to consider changing.  (Catch the beginning of the discussion here). 

Business Continues As Usual

We’re at the dinner table, getting close to dessert time, and it’s the turn of youngest of four sons.   The meal keeps on flowing throughout the exchange.

Mom:  “Darling, what would you like to tell me about what I do well and what I should think about changing?”

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Family Annual Review Peek-a-boo—To Mom, be flexible. To child, go forward step by step

We're on a roll with the Family Annual Review.  Our eldest son has given and received his feedback (read here) for the Family Annual Review.  We’re sitting around the dinner table and Son 3 is next to him. 

Perfecting Process

(In a teensy bit of a controlling style) I turn to our second eldest son.

Mom:  “What is your feedback for me?” 

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7 Ways to Turn Cooking Into a Game

“So what do you like to cook with yours kids?” my brother asked.
“It doesn’t matter what we cuisine. Its how that makes cooking with kids such a blast.”

Discover our revolutionary cooking techniques that transform mundane kitchen gestures into playful moves. Quality results guaranteed:
- Your meals will taste as delicious as with your usual style
- Your memories will turn out absolutely divine

Once you’ve tried our hilarious cooking techniques, you’ll be hungry for our cleaning up ones too!

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Photo Reportage of our Fun (!?!) Family Fundraiser

Boy making faceWe've had a blast with family fundraisers... when the boys were younger.  When I proposed the idea this time, I had hoped for a more positive initial response!  But once they got cookin', they got grinnin'!

42 home-baked cakes later, our French cooking boys financed a Kenyan female entrepreneur with a micro-fianance loan, involved friends and neighbors and even the school...and had fun!

Enjoy our photo reportage of baking boys (and the one girl who helped).  Click here for our free downloads:  flyer samples, planning charts,...


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Make a No-Cook Gingerbread Man

Parents' Advent: December 16

Those adorable ginger people welcome in the festive feelings: warmth & spice, smiles & rejoicing, hearth & home… Too bad it’s so complicated to make before the BIG fun of decorating begins. That’s why this short-cut brings out the best in kids’ ginger-fashion design talents without having to mix, cool, roll, and bake the dough.

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Favorite Fun-Loving, Relationship-Building Gifts

Relationship-Building Christmas GiftsParents' Advent:  December 7

Heard of Love Languages? They're five of these ways that people —you and your kid—best perceive they are loved.  One of them is by receiving a gift! 

Try these which help strengthen family relationships. Stay tuned to the Parents' Advent Calendar.to discover how we used these fun gifts to strengthen family bonds.


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A Wise « No » Liberates You For a Meaningful « Yes »

Mom and son having fun cookingParents' Advent:  December 5

There is a fine line between opportunities and limitations. The most deceptive ones come in small doses. It’s just a teeny extra work project. Yet another small volunteering project at school or church; it's such a worthwhile cause...

The truth is there are 24 hours in a day and your and my energy is finite.

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Download the Invitation for a Crepe-Making Party

Chandeleur Party invitationGet the free downloads from  Create Your Own Crèpe-Making Party 

You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 

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The Gift of Independence: Cooking Lessons!

Mom and son cooking together

- “Hey mom?  Can I invite friends over for lunch?  I’ll cook pasta and tomato sauce.” 
- “Great idea,” I tell our 14 year old, “You can also get them all to help clean up!”
Contrast this to our 12 year old's call:
- “Mom, I’m bringing over some friends for lunch.  You can make us sandwiches: 1 ham & cheese with pickle, 1 ham with Tabasco….” 
- “It’s a busy day, honey.  When you want something from me, I need advance notice.”

Guess who’s happier with Mom at the end of the day…and guess who now drops by the kitchen more often to learn how to cook!

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Download the Be-a-Chef Gift Certificate

Get the free downloads from Give the Gift of Independence:  Cooking Lessons  You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 

 ‘cause I got what it takes.

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