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Top 60 Gifts of 2014...They're All People. How is YOUR Support Network?

It’s been hard to move into 2015, and partly because I had not closed up 2014. Here’s to looking back (kindly) so as to look forward (hopefully and hope-filled-ly).

My greatest profits from 2014 result from investing in relationships:  personal, professional, communal, and spiritual.  Sometimes it"s one individual; other times it's a group.  High returns?  Totally!...even when sometimes there are yeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrs of dedicating loving before the returns flow back in abundance.  Still worth it.



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Prayers for Nicholas

Hi folks.  Many of you have expressed your care and concern for Nicholas subsequent to his accident.  His mother regularly requests support through prayer.

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The Discovery Advent Calendar

Aren’t these shepherds cute in their Christmas pageant outfits?   They aren’t the only ones with questions about Jesus.  He’s one of the most debated figures of all time.

The Discovery Advent Calendar enables you to learn what Jesus says about himself.

Download directly or read on.

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Download the Discovery Advent Calendar

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Mamma's Gifts: Spikey or Awesome...Ah, Both!

This Mother's Day, I was invited to write about Motherhood à la French for our church magazine.  I responded that I really don't know about French mothering, not about American parenting, nor even about godly or Christian mom-ing for that matter either.  I know what we do in our home.  And the best thing that we do is change together.

They wrote back and asked for the article!  So voilà and enjoy!

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Bird Bigger Than Beast Thanks

When the bird is bigger than the beast, there is much for which to thank. But to whom? And for what?

Samuel F. Pugh says it beautifully below.  He lived for 103 years (1904-2007) serving as a pastor for 70 of them.  He suffered through WWI, came alongside folk during the crash of '29, comforted those who lost loved ones during WWII, the Vietnam War, the Korean War...the attacks of September 11, 2001 and more.  He's got the kind of experience under his belt that's worth our hearing.


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Discipline, I Hate You, I Thank You

“The last thing I want to do when coming home from work it to police the kids,” friends admit. And yet is correction only bad news?  At work we do this and it sounds positive(ish):  giving and receiving feedback.

Obviously there are two sides to discipline, like the facets of a coin.  What do "heads" and "tails" look like?  And how can we invest in our children through discipline?

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Racy Biking... & Marriages

When boys outgrow bike races, what do they grow into?

Trouble. Girls (big trouble)!

Hopefully sturdy men with strong values that stand the test of time...and kids!

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Understanding Life While Sitting On The Front Porch

This was sent to me by e-mail.  I am not the author and don't know who wrote it, but I sure LAUGHED!  Hope it lifts your spirits too.

P.S. We get what we pray for!

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I Have a Dream Too...Don’t I?

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King, Jr Day, I stood at the same pulpit in the American Church in Paris where the spokesperson for Negro freedom gave his first speech after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 (He was on a stopover on the way home from Oslo).

To an audience of two obliging friends (!),I shared my dream.  Well, I tried.  Since I constantly think about strengthening families, I expected my dream to flow forth.  Confession:  I was no good scout and came unprepared!

This blooper inspired me to turn to Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech wondering what I might learn from his passion for civil rights that I could transpose to my zeal for strong families.

There it was:  

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