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Chic (Hip and Feminine) Advent Calendar for Mama :-)

Why leave the mystery of Christmas just for the children?

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It’s The Thought That Counts...Which One?!

Overheard around our kitchen table...

“Hey Kids! Guess what Mom & Dad want for Christmas?”

“What?” “Tell me!” “No, me first!”...

“First, a GREAT attitude during out next family outing...”

“That’s WAY too hard. Can’t I just buy you something?”

“Next, five tastes of a new food without making a fuss...”

Our ten year old stripped the holiday décor off our wishes: “You want us to obey in the areas where we disobey!” 

“That’s stupid!” retorted our status-conscious teen. “Good presents we (meaning the parents) buy.”

Download the Great Attitude "Dollar" now or read on first.


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If the Kids Offered Parents Some Precious Time!

For years, my husband and I have been offering our children a “Rendez Vous”—one-on-one time to enjoy as they choose. (Click for free download)

This year, I want their time too.

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Play with a Deck of Fun Memories

Mom and sons playing cardsParents' Advent: December 15

Personalize a deck of cards with a photo taken during a family outing. These make wonderful stocking stuffers and even better reminders that your family has fun together.

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Favorite Fun-Loving, Relationship-Building Gifts

Relationship-Building Christmas GiftsParents' Advent:  December 7

Heard of Love Languages? They're five of these ways that people —you and your kid—best perceive they are loved.  One of them is by receiving a gift! 

Try these which help strengthen family relationships. Stay tuned to the Parents' Advent Calendar.to discover how we used these fun gifts to strengthen family bonds.


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Give Dad a Lamborghini for Father’s Day !

Boy making Father's Day Lamborghini Coloring cardWhy settle for less?! Dad drives kids to dream big and steers them on the right path. Now we’re cruisin’… LetMeColor made it easy (and less expensive) with these current and vintage models.

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The Gift Kids Crave...the MOSTEST

T’was the day after Christmas, and all through the house,
You’d think no whimper they’d utter, playing quiet as a mouse.
The presents were all opened, (the wrapping they did tear)
In hopes that St. Nicholas would satisfy their deep care.

When out from the kids’ room there arose such a clatter
I woke up from my nap to see what was the matter
When, what to my exhausted ears should I seize
“Mommy, Daddy, will you play with me please?”

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Mom, Dad, WHAT Do You Do All Day?

Mom talks about her work to her childrenThe gift is getting to know YOU.  Talk about your professional life to your children.  It lets kids appreciate parents better and prepares them for something that'll be central to their lives soooooon.  (Time flies) 

We made these conversation-triggering cards laughable and fun so that parents could offer them as a gift:  a present to know each other better, a recognition of maturity, a rite of passage... 

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Download the Be-a-Chef Gift Certificate

Get the free downloads from Give the Gift of Independence:  Cooking Lessons  You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 

 ‘cause I got what it takes.

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10 Questions Kids Ask About Work

Mom, Dad What do you like about work?Get the free downloads from Mom, Dad, WHAT Do You Do All Day?  You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free).

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