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Thanksgiving Helping Teams Downloads

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If the Kids Offered Parents Some Precious Time!

For years, my husband and I have been offering our children a “Rendez Vous”—one-on-one time to enjoy as they choose. (Click for free download)

This year, I want their time too.

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Royal Rights or Earned Privileges?

Child: "I want _______"

Parent: "You should ____"

How to make ends meet?  We found our answer in the distinction between rights and privileges.

Insight N°1:  they're different! 

Insight N°2:  privileges are earned.  Rights come from being part of the family. 

This distinction is invaluable faced with critical questions such as, "Can I watch TV after school?"  The answer may differ depending upon whether TV time is it a right or a privilege.

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Get the Best From Your Babysitter

Does the teen caring for your tot know what “great babysitting” means? Many parents pay for satisfactory child care. Why not set higher standards and train your babysitters to meet them? Check out Babysitter ABC’s (free download), teens’ first job description!

the Babysitter ABC's directly or read on for helpful tips.

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Download the Vacation Job Charts

Free Chore Chart for kidsGet the free downloads from  With Job Charts, Mom & Dad Vacation Too! You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 

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Go for the Prize & Score HIGH !

Gold Medal Men SkatingRecently, I gathered the children for a something-has-to-change discussion. These occur when I realize that Mom and Dad suffer the negative consequences for our children’s inattention. “The kids need to feel the pain to change,” thought I. Needless to say, my sons resisted. “It’s not fair, Mom. You’re giving us another punishment.”

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Bye Bye Laundry Mishaps…Get Clothes Spot On

Sort kids' laundry the easy peasy wayFinally some home-help tips
- to keep Tom from complaining that Joey's wearing his favorite shirt
- to give Belle-Maman (mother-in-law) a way to easily and truly help around the house
- to assure with certainty that it is Suzette’s new blouse that was lying around and is now in the buy-back-bin

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No Prep Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving means family reunions. Good news, bad news or a bit of both?! With busy schedules and time apart, it’s not always easy to reconnect. Stimulate positive conversations between cousins, grandparents, friends and even the nuclear family with these thanksgiving ideas.

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De-Clutter: Tip 103 Keep the Jungle OUT

"See anything to pick up on your side?"

In an ideal world, children pick up their stuff and parents come home to a crispy clean, welcoming living room. Many of us, though, live in the jungle. Take courage; there are ways to tame it.

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De-clutter Kids’ Room Floor: Tip 102 Get Into the Habit

(This article is a sequel to Tip 101)

Leaving a room messy is a habit. Habits can be changed…with planning, consistency, and even fun. Include a clothes-putting-away-time into the daily schedule. Does laundry get folded when the little ones are asleep? Give them a cute daily reminder to put it away the following morningl.

Read on or download our Cool Tool now.

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