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Guess Who?

Guess Who? board game by Hasbro Guess who?
Two players try to deduce the identity of their opponent's "Mystery Person." Children learn to ask relevant questions, "Does the person have brown hair?"  With age (months) and experience, kids learn to ask increasingly strategic questions. 

Increase the challenge and the fun by guessing two mystery people!  Does the blue-eyed person wear glasses?  Our twelve year old still enjoys Guess Who? with this twist to the rules.  

Try a quick game right before bedtime.  It's a five minute way to tune up those listening skills and slow down together.

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Crayon Rubbings: A Bumpity Coloring Book

Crayon Rubbings by the editors of Klutzby the editors of Klutz
Create anything-but-ordinary colored pictures that pop off the page with texture, pattern and pizzazz. Klutz's Rubbins sparks the imagination and gives you the tools to make those drawing dreams a reality.  We love the 8 rubbing plates with cool patterns of stars and swirls, waves and grass, stones and flowers.  The 5 bright glitter crayons add sparkle to any drawing and and a six-in-one, gotta’-have-it rainbow crayon make your drawings one-of-a-kind.

Buy here & Amazon donates 4% to Home Is Fun Buy here & Amazon donates 4% to Home Is Fun

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Frank De Kleine's Free E-Coloring Book

by Frank De Kleine
This Dutch father of two young kids creates unique and original coloring pages from professional photographs. These are fun drawings of stuff kids like.

We love the authenticity of the drawings: the pic of the boxing girl (watch out!) the race looks like it’s cruisin’, and the motocross biker is in full air-flying stint. Girls get their pleasure too with the ballerina en pointe and the stunning animals. Let the kids have a blast AND teach them to color neatly with the zebras! Wow. Discover Frank's entire collection at LetMeColor.com Coloring Pages or download his introductory selection by clicking below.  Coming SOOOON the 'Lamborghini Coloring Book.'  We'll keep you posted.



Your kids’ finished work deserves the Frame of Fame. Check it out too.

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