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Learning from those Left Out

Last night I pitched my idea at the Car Connectivity Consortium Hackathon prep night.

- 1 minute for

- 1 great idea with

- 1 slide

The goal is to win people to your App development team, to code one awesome App, and to win the contest, get mentoring, enjoy limelight, and get some $$$.

Mirror Link, the CCC Hackathon partner, sponsored this launch evening to introduce its software. Marketers could try out their concept before the real pitch two weeks down the road (yes, pun intended).

You guessed it. The Apps to be developed relate to connected cars.

Yes, you also guessed it. The crowd assembled 200 male car geeks.  Oh, and 5 women, of which I was the eldes by twice the age.

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Turn Work into Fun

Running = WORK (in my book).  It’s effort, sweat, and sore muscles.

And yet, I wanted to run yesterday as The Color Runners pranced by me during the Paris race.  It’s a 5K race and every kilometer is marked by a shower of color.  They call it “The Happiest 5K on the planet.”

What if we could infuse our home management with such joy?  Here’s my go at it:

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Chic (Hip and Feminine) Advent Calendar for Mama :-)

Why leave the mystery of Christmas just for the children?

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Playing with Food

Guess who plays the most with food in our home ?  ME !

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t twiddle with the nourishment on my plate, cut it into a million pieces, and make sure not a smidgen ever reaches my mouth. 

Nonetheless, I do seek entertainment in devising meals.  We tend to repeat meals, especially the easy-to-make and enjoyed-without-a-fuss varieties.  I get bored eating the same thing.

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Humor à la French...Good & Clean Laughter

My fun-loving brother sent this to me.  I'm daring to send it on to you in hopes you'll laugh too. 

To whomever thought it up, thanks for the great Franco-American humor!


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Valentine's Day Grrrreat Grrreetings from Mom and Dad

Of course, we’ll all be saying, “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.  Could we be saying more?

More!  I’m breaking my back loving my child.  What else can I do?!?!

What if your back could be comfy AND your child feel more loved? We’ve designed a humorous Valentine’s Card that does just that...and still more: it helps parents be loved too.

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7 Ways to Turn Cooking Into a Game

“So what do you like to cook with yours kids?” my brother asked.
“It doesn’t matter what we cuisine. Its how that makes cooking with kids such a blast.”

Discover our revolutionary cooking techniques that transform mundane kitchen gestures into playful moves. Quality results guaranteed:
- Your meals will taste as delicious as with your usual style
- Your memories will turn out absolutely divine

Once you’ve tried our hilarious cooking techniques, you’ll be hungry for our cleaning up ones too!

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New Attitude About Love

Making love? Tonight? Again?!

When we had four boys under seven, I fantasized about going on a relationship sabbatical. No calling after me; no touching me.

My days (and nights) were filled with demands from all sides: Crying baby demanding something (to be figured out) NOW. A teaching-opportunity (a.k.a. a fight between the kids) here. Spilled milk there. “How do you write ‘cat’?” “Can you read to me?” “PIPI!!!!!” Urgent diaper change coming through!! The drop which invariably made my cup topple over was when, at the end of the day my husband would cuddle up and whisper, “Honey...(wink)” Heaven sounded like one year of being “off-call.”

But what was my attitude teaching the kids? Me >>> We. ("Me" is much more important than "We")  Oops.

Here are some thoughts that helped me change my attitude.

(Photo story:  we visited this pre-Inca Largo Museum as a family.  The Erotic Room sure provided a memorable experience!)

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Understanding Life While Sitting On The Front Porch

This was sent to me by e-mail.  I am not the author and don't know who wrote it, but I sure LAUGHED!  Hope it lifts your spirits too.

P.S. We get what we pray for!

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Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

How "Greeky" or "geeky" is your clan? Some.  A “normal” family does not exist. We’re all unique.

Try this entertaining family activity to laugh at your oddities.  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" provides hilarious material for our own "family emotional analysis."

Good = go directly to the free downloads.

Better = read about it first!  Enjoy.

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