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Valentine's Day Grrrreat Grrreetings from Mom and Dad

Of course, we’ll all be saying, “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.  Could we be saying more?

More!  I’m breaking my back loving my child.  What else can I do?!?!

What if your back could be comfy AND your child feel more loved? We’ve designed a humorous Valentine’s Card that does just that...and still more: it helps parents be loved too.

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Parenting Insights from Baking !

There IS a flip-side to flops.   I re-learned this lesson during our annual family fundraiser where our boys bake LOTS of cakes.  Catch a whiff of the parenting lessons learned through our baking fiascos.  They’re delicious!

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Philippe Bourguignon Inspires Parenting Perspectives

To be or not to be successful through failure? That was the question addressed by Philippe Bourguignon during a recent and amazing PathNorth dinner. Parisians know Bourguignon as the founding CEO of Disneyland Paris and previous CEO of Club Med. Currently working alongside Steve Case (ex-chair of AOL) on Revolution, he’s also on the board of eBay and sponsors record breaking rollerblader, Taïg Khris. Bourguignon knows a thing or two about risk, failure, and success. For years he’s kept one foot on either side of the Atlantic and observed how French and Americans respond to “Oh, oh!”

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Tea for Two

Boy drinking from personalized mugsParents’ Advent: December 11

Think a love-thought for a child or spouse over a cuppa. Write the name of your loved one on the bottom of a mug. Every time you take a cup, look underneath and think a kind thought or say a prayer for your Secret Tea Partner.

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Speak Your Message In Many Ways

Boy pointing to Home Is Fun Power PointerParents' Advent:  December 9

As a youth living in Paris, we welcomed an American and a French teen to dinner one night. My siblings and I were translating for our guests. One of the cracked a joke, so instead of translating, we laughed. “What did he say?” inquired the American. “Qu’est ce qu’il a dit? asked the French. (It means, “What did he say?”) We roared with laughter to their growing displeasure. Each demanded a translation or “What did he say?” and “Qu’est ce qu’il a dit?” They did not change words, just the volume. We still could not hear them for laughing so loudly.

If the message isn’t getting across, say it differently.

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Go on a Rendez-Vous

Father daughter dateTake time one on one with your child. They'll feel loved…and so will you.

Rendez-Vous is the French word for appointment. It’s a one-on-one time between one parent and one child.

Here's the story of the day we were transformed by Rendez-Vous's.  Before then, they had been a good concept.  After then, they became a vitally great moment!

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101 Ways to Tell Your Kids "I Love You"

Home is Fun!

Enjoy these speedy (30 second), quick (5 minute), and activity-oriented ways to share a Loving Touch, a Loving Gift, an Act of Service, a Loving Affirmation, or a Shared Moment.  (Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages)

Helping our children KNOW we love them even when _______ (list the tasks parents ask kids to do when they would rather play) and despite our _______ (all those traits children bring out in Mom and Dad that expose slight imperfections) is what www.home-is-fun.com is all about!

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Hand Wrestle + Explore Manhood

Boys arem wrestle Especially for boys aged 9 to 99.

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Blast Off Love Notes

Klutz Paper Airplanes Follow the whizzing paper airplane with merry measure. It’s got a message for you!  Enjoy this wacky way to affirm loved ones on a rainy day, a birthday, or even during family reunions...once the halls are decked.  'Tis a guarantee to be jolly.

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Frame of Fame: Homework Motivator

Boy showing off framed gradesIf a stubborn mule will move for a carrot rather than a stick, might your docile child get motivated through a treat called recognition?  If a picture paints a thousand words, then an action speaks one million.   My kids beam with self-confidence when we say, "Well done, son." through the Frame of Fame.of Fame. 

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