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Mamma's Gifts: Spikey or Awesome...Ah, Both!

This Mother's Day, I was invited to write about Motherhood à la French for our church magazine.  I responded that I really don't know about French mothering, not about American parenting, nor even about godly or Christian mom-ing for that matter either.  I know what we do in our home.  And the best thing that we do is change together.

They wrote back and asked for the article!  So voilà and enjoy!

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Hip Hip Hurray for Home Heroes

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Father's Day! What happens the other 364 days?

Friends have compared parents to the cathedral builders of old: they never saw the finished work of their daily efforts which are now widely admired. 

No need to wait for future generations.  Help your children recognize Mom and Dad's contribution today. It's key to life success.

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Feel-Appreciated Tip 101

You’re right. Being a parent is a thankless job. Your cleaning up the children's sticky  mess...again? Your ears drum from the kids’ rowdy noise? Oooh, smell that fart! And yet, there is so much for which to be thankful. At least you can taste, touch, hear, and smell!

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Mom, your present is...ME !

“Honey, shall we rent the kids?” Some days we need a new perspective…Read on to find it.

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My Mother's Day Craving

Chief Mom on Mothers Day

Sure, Mother's Day presents are great. But in this hectic age of over-scheduling, I crave shared family moments, especially over a festive meal.

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Give a Gift of Yourself on Mother’s Day

Mother and daughter making friendship braceletsAs kids grow up, it’s increasingly challenging to retain that spontaneous love-gift shared on Mother’s Day. Rekindle it by being the one to offer it to your children. You might even be the biggest beneficiary!

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I Love You the Purplest

I Love You the Purplest by Barbara Joosse and illustrated by Mary Whyte by Barbara Joosse and illustrated by Mary Whyte
A Mom's love story to rivaling sons. Each wants to know, "Who do you love best?" Clearly an experienced peacemaker, Mama offers just the right answers. She uses colors to express how, in a way, each one is loved the most. Whyte's (Boomer's Big Day) watercolors amplify the story's considerable emotional pitch. A great bedtime read-aloud.

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The Hero Book: Learning Lessons from the People You Admire

The Hero Book: Learning Lessons from the People You Admire by Ellen Sabin by Ellen Sabin, Illustrated by Kerren Barbas
Heroes come in all different shapes, sizes, ages, colors, and places. (Top secret: Mom and Dad could be one too!) The real question isn't "who" is a hero. It's "why" is she one? "What" makes him admirable? Through this engaging activity book, kids think deeply about what they admire in others...and then what qualities they would like others to see in them. A look at people more than skin deep and an easy way to help your children choose friends wisely.
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