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Pentecost Guessing Game Answers

African Mary and baby Jesus painted for MafaJesus In France, May is a month with days off. May is is Labor Day. May 8 is Armistice Day. And Pentecost (50 days after Easte) usually falls in May. Most French understand work and war, but what is Pentecost?

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Pentecost Guessing Game

Pentecost in African style by Jesus Mafa

African disciples of Jesus? Sure! This Cameroonian art by Jesus Mafa captures the wonder of intercultural Pentecost.

In 2008, Pentecost is on Sunday, May 11th. (In France, the following Monday is a holiday.) It’s the intercultural, Christian celebration par excellence. As an American in Paris, this holiday touches my soft spot.

My teenage son who groans at the hint of anything churchy, kept alert throughout this guessing game. Tell us what you think.

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Explore Questions about Jesus

A diplomat, business man, and professor addresses his friends' questions about Jesus.

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