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Favorite Fun-Loving, Relationship-Building Gifts

Relationship-Building Christmas GiftsParents' Advent:  December 7

Heard of Love Languages? They're five of these ways that people —you and your kid—best perceive they are loved.  One of them is by receiving a gift! 

Try these which help strengthen family relationships. Stay tuned to the Parents' Advent Calendar.to discover how we used these fun gifts to strengthen family bonds.


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Joyeux Noel aux Antilles

insert image in small size linked to itself Compilation of Carribean Artists
2 CD’s of Caribbean Christmas carols sung in both French and Creole. Includes rhythmic classics such as

- Joseph Mon Cher Fidèle: a the-baby-is-coming! duet between Mary and Joseph,

- La Ribotewhere villagers speak of the gifts they'll bring...including the farmer's wife who'll make Jesus an omelette, and

- Les Anges De Nos Campagnes whose chorus features "gloria’s " sung to zouk rhythm! Bring their festive, danceable holiday cheer chez vous.
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No Stress

No Stress by Laurent Wolf Hit single by Laurent Wolf
Use songs to convey your parenting messages. Mom and Dad go crazy when Junior vegges with his ears plugged in? Consider the hit single “No Stress”. I don’t want to work today... Maybe no stress today. MEGA stress tomorrow.
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Reggae Christmas

insert image in small size linked to itself by Studio One ('the Motown of Jamaica')
For some, a white Christmas is when the coals on the barbecue are ready. Expand your seasonal repertoire with something out of the mainstream. Studio One's selection reflect both traditional
(to reggae rhythm) and original songs for December.

Christmas is celebrated throughout the world in different ways…and music sings that message loud and clear. Enjoy this celebration for the ears and souls.

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We Are the Champions

insert image in small size linked to itself by Queen
Boost your child’s confidence when facing a challenge with this refrain. We began singing this one when my children learned to ski. My three year old was snuggled between my legs (on skis) and we wanted people out of the way (preferably with good humor since they too were on vacation). "We Are the Champions" became our theme song. It turned my child’s attention away from the angle of the slope to the thrill of the ride.

Where does your darling need to see herself as a champion?
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These Boots Are Made For Walking

insert image in small size linked to itself by Nancy Sinatra
These Boots Are Made For Walking is one fun way to get your kids feet (whether in shoes, sandals, or boots) moving. We sing it on the way to school or any other time when the walking rhythm needs to speed up. 

Besides, Nancy Sinatra sings it hot and the 60’s fashion is coming back!

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