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Learning from those Left Out

Last night I pitched my idea at the Car Connectivity Consortium Hackathon prep night.

- 1 minute for

- 1 great idea with

- 1 slide

The goal is to win people to your App development team, to code one awesome App, and to win the contest, get mentoring, enjoy limelight, and get some $$$.

Mirror Link, the CCC Hackathon partner, sponsored this launch evening to introduce its software. Marketers could try out their concept before the real pitch two weeks down the road (yes, pun intended).

You guessed it. The Apps to be developed relate to connected cars.

Yes, you also guessed it. The crowd assembled 200 male car geeks.  Oh, and 5 women, of which I was the eldes by twice the age.

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Parenting Insights Inspired by Herminia Ibarra: Perfection and Love (Success) Mix Like Oil and Vinegar

Spoke with Herminia Ibarra last night.  Rather, she addressed a group of 30 of us Harvard Women in France... and I participated in the Q & A.  Recognized as one of the top 50 brains (charismatic, engaging, humble, humorous, sharp, and visionary) in business, Ibarra currently teaches and researches out of Insead. 

One of the take away's from her talk:  learning in organizations follows the 70-20-10 rule.

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Melodious Parenting: Insights from the Bells of Notre Dame

Notre Dame cathedral celebrates 850 years this 2013. To give you perspective, the United States of America boasts 237 years. The Chateau de Versailles began as a hunting lodge 344 years ago. 521 years ago Christopher Columbus discovered the American shores.

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Download the Babysitter ABC's

Grade Guessor SampleGet the free downloads from  Get the Best From Your Babysitter. You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 

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Philippe Bourguignon Inspires Parenting Perspectives

To be or not to be successful through failure? That was the question addressed by Philippe Bourguignon during a recent and amazing PathNorth dinner. Parisians know Bourguignon as the founding CEO of Disneyland Paris and previous CEO of Club Med. Currently working alongside Steve Case (ex-chair of AOL) on Revolution, he’s also on the board of eBay and sponsors record breaking rollerblader, Taïg Khris. Bourguignon knows a thing or two about risk, failure, and success. For years he’s kept one foot on either side of the Atlantic and observed how French and Americans respond to “Oh, oh!”

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A Wise « No » Liberates You For a Meaningful « Yes »

Mom and son having fun cookingParents' Advent:  December 5

There is a fine line between opportunities and limitations. The most deceptive ones come in small doses. It’s just a teeny extra work project. Yet another small volunteering project at school or church; it's such a worthwhile cause...

The truth is there are 24 hours in a day and your and my energy is finite.

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Fast Forward to Your Future

Everything I needed to know about parenting teens, I learned at the Harvard Business School.

I'm only kind of kidding. Let's start with strategy & action plan...

...and market segmentation.  To go directly to the download , click <img src=


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Mom, Dad, WHAT Do You Do All Day?

Mom talks about her work to her childrenThe gift is getting to know YOU.  Talk about your professional life to your children.  It lets kids appreciate parents better and prepares them for something that'll be central to their lives soooooon.  (Time flies) 

We made these conversation-triggering cards laughable and fun so that parents could offer them as a gift:  a present to know each other better, a recognition of maturity, a rite of passage... 

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10 Questions Kids Ask About Work

Mom, Dad What do you like about work?Get the free downloads from Mom, Dad, WHAT Do You Do All Day?  You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free).

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Download the Futuristic Self Portrait

Get the free downloads re: Success Motivator: The Futuristic Self-Portrait  You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun(free).  Click
- here if you have the access code
- here to sign up or
- here if you forgot your code and we'll send it to you.

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