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Family Annual Review Peek-a-boo—To Mom, stop being a fashion victim. To child, think before you speak

Two of our sons have already given (to parent) and received (from Mom) feedback about what each does well and should continue doing, and about one behavior to consider changing.  (Catch the beginning of the discussion here). 

Business Continues As Usual

We’re at the dinner table, getting close to dessert time, and it’s the turn of youngest of four sons.   The meal keeps on flowing throughout the exchange.

Mom:  “Darling, what would you like to tell me about what I do well and what I should think about changing?”

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Family Annual Review Peek-a-boo—To Mom, be flexible. To child, go forward step by step

We're on a roll with the Family Annual Review.  Our eldest son has given and received his feedback (read here) for the Family Annual Review.  We’re sitting around the dinner table and Son 3 is next to him. 

Perfecting Process

(In a teensy bit of a controlling style) I turn to our second eldest son.

Mom:  “What is your feedback for me?” 

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Family Annual Review Peek-a-boo—To Mom, be clear. To child, be humble.

“A TABLE!”  That’s French for “Time to eat. Kids, come NOW! Prepare your taste buds and your conversation skills...”

On December 31 the family was dispersed in six different parties.  On January 1, we all sat down for a meal together...and shared feedback on 2013 and insights for growing forward.  We call this The Family Annual Review.

We do this every year and it is AN AMAZING family moment that the children request year after year.  Read here for the "How To's."

Friends (who also are parents) exclaim, "What a great idea....but I'd be so scared."  We're giving you The Run Down so that you can get a feel for how it happens...and do it chez you too! 

Since we have four sons, we've given each one a full post.  Keep clicking to the next post!  Each child is different (don't you KNOW!) so you catch a different aspect of the exchange from each one. 

Executive Summary

In essence, our eldest son asked me to be more clear about finances and who pays what.  My growth challenge to him centers on learning through humility.

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How Mother’s Shock Got Kids Doing Chores

Getting kids to help with chores seemed like an ideal requiring extra-superlative effort made by super-moms...

until some ugly attitudes crept up chez nous. Then it became a vital necessity.

Photo at left:  demure Mom Shock.  Below is more what I felt like.

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Eeny, meeny, miny…. Oh no !

Enabling our kids to make wise decisions is one of a parent’s greatest legacies. When the dilemma is between strawberries and banana’s (and the precocious strategist exclaims, “Both!”) parents hardly think about the process...unless it’s, “Decide quickly, please.” All too soon, children are confronted with the selection of friends, ways to use free time, options for college, and trade-offs to finance their choices. By this time, moms and dads change their vocabulary to, “Decide well.”

How do people learn decision-making? Is there a way besides trial and error?! How can parents teach it...without being a bore and a chore

the free Wise Choices 6-day Guide. Even better, read the post first!

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Melodious Parenting: Insights from the Bells of Notre Dame

Notre Dame cathedral celebrates 850 years this 2013. To give you perspective, the United States of America boasts 237 years. The Chateau de Versailles began as a hunting lodge 344 years ago. 521 years ago Christopher Columbus discovered the American shores.

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Happy New Year 2013

Every year, we share a ‘Family Annual Review’  The kids tell the parents one thing they do well and should continue doing.  Then they share one thing they would like the parents to change.  After the children do their round, the parents give theirs.  We’re sharing it with you this year....and the photo is from Macchu Pichu during our summer vacation.

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Discipline Through Entertainment

“You’ve said that a thousand times,” groan our kids. “When will you learn then?” bemoan the parents.

Since repetition is key to learning, Home Is Fun came up with the 1001st way to address the value of virtuous behavior and of discipline. We salvaged a French Fairy Tale (Prince Cheri or Prince Darling written by the author or Beauty and the Beast) and turned it into a hand-puppet show.

Download the visual reportage for free. Enjoy the spectacle...and the ensuing discussions. Read on for conversation starters.

Bonne lecture. (Good reading.)


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Racy Biking... & Marriages

When boys outgrow bike races, what do they grow into?

Trouble. Girls (big trouble)!

Hopefully sturdy men with strong values that stand the test of time...and kids!

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