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Report Card Stress? Help your child WANT to improve

Is your chlid’s REPORT CARD TIME a moment of stress ?

Sign up for our Cease Fire over the Report Card webinar to get kids motivated to do their best.

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What do Kids Hear When Teachers Say “Good, but More”?

With the start of school, I’m thinking about learning.  Specifically about helping my children learn at their best.

So, I’m applying lessons learned last year in my role as PTA Mom and tutor to kids with difficulty:

To elaborate on teachers’ expectations

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Kids Like Their School When I Know It & Like It

“How was school?” inquires Dad.  “Ugh,” replies his son. 

Thankfully, all children don’t respond with lethargy when it comes to school, but how absolutely frustrating it is when they do.  For on-line gaming and virtual networking they overflow with enthusiasm.  Reading, writing (u :( textin), or arithmetic = inertia.  (What’s that?  Review physics!)

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Grade-Guessor Download

Glad enjoying free downloads.  Please sign up!
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When Junior Grades Himself...

Grades ReviewHow do you get your child (a student) ready to listen, appreciate constructive criticism, and even change? Is that wishing too much? Compare the report card to the employee’s performance review.

In one of my first performance reviews, my boss asked me to evaluate myself first. It was eye-opening…and mind and heart opening too.

download now or read on and learn how to use it!

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Fast Forward to Your Future

Everything I needed to know about parenting teens, I learned at the Harvard Business School.

I'm only kind of kidding. Let's start with strategy & action plan...

...and market segmentation.  To go directly to the download , click <img src=


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Movie Review: LOL (Laughing out loud)

My dear sons,

I just saw the movie  LOL (Laughing out loud) and since it’s about the generation gap, I naturally thought about you.  So, I'm writing you this letter...

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Download the Futuristic Self Portrait

Get the free downloads re: Success Motivator: The Futuristic Self-Portrait  You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun(free).  Click
- here if you have the access code
- here to sign up or
- here if you forgot your code and we'll send it to you.

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Learning Made Easier

Organization takes away anxiety and makes academic learning easier.

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Frame of Fame: Homework Motivator

Boy showing off framed gradesIf a stubborn mule will move for a carrot rather than a stick, might your docile child get motivated through a treat called recognition?  If a picture paints a thousand words, then an action speaks one million.   My kids beam with self-confidence when we say, "Well done, son." through the Frame of Fame.of Fame. 

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