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Getting Perspective when Seeing Red

Some days I just see red.  Call it myopic vision.

The boys display excellent teamwork skills...playing Mario Kart.  I only notice the dirty dishes left on the table.

Amazingly, my husband does not stop all activity to listen with ears and eyes while I share some erudite wisdom.  I take it personally.

A colleague does not answer me immediately and I wonder at his priorities. 

Looking out the window on a recent plane ride, I wondered about my current outlook on life.   Do I have an ant’s or an eagle’s perspective?  What am I missing by focusing toooooooo closely on details?

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How patient is your love?

A couple’s 4 years from “I will” to “I do”...and I, the parenting trainer, didn’t last 1 week... 

Here are the stories:

The Romance Story

This Valentine’s Day I attended an extra, extra-special wedding. Four years ago, the groom had to leave his home country, Pakistan, to seek political asylum in France. As a forthright pastor, his life was threatened. His fiancé’s was not; she stayed behind.

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Boost Love - Parent & Child Workshop in Paris

For every “NO!” how often do you encourage?

So much of our family conversation seems tainted by critique or correction.  Maybe it's because so much of our discussion centers around giving instructions. 

Do these sound familiar?

Dad: "How is homework coming along?  Did you do it WELL?"


Mom: "For how long did you brush your teeth?"

Kid:  "Why do you ask me again and again?"

Mom:  "Didn't you know a mom is a spy?!  Besides, too often I find your toothbrush dry!"

Great homes share exchanges like these.  They also include more...

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Chic (Hip and Feminine) Advent Calendar for Mama :-)

Why leave the mystery of Christmas just for the children?

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“I See You”—My Precious—Advent Calendar

In the hugely successful movie, Avatar, the creatures greet each other with, “I see you.”  They might not always share the look of love, but love is spelled L.O.O.K. 

Kids crave it.  “Watch me, Mom!” “Daddy, look at me!”  To notice what someone else does, to listen to them (it means being quiet oneself), and to appreciate their moods shouts, “I love you.”

The “I See You”—My Precious—Advent Calendar gives parents just the opportunity to show the children that they are paying attention.

Download directly or read on.


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Humor à la French...Good & Clean Laughter

My fun-loving brother sent this to me.  I'm daring to send it on to you in hopes you'll laugh too. 

To whomever thought it up, thanks for the great Franco-American humor!


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Eeny, meeny, miny…. Oh no !

Enabling our kids to make wise decisions is one of a parent’s greatest legacies. When the dilemma is between strawberries and banana’s (and the precocious strategist exclaims, “Both!”) parents hardly think about the process...unless it’s, “Decide quickly, please.” All too soon, children are confronted with the selection of friends, ways to use free time, options for college, and trade-offs to finance their choices. By this time, moms and dads change their vocabulary to, “Decide well.”

How do people learn decision-making? Is there a way besides trial and error?! How can parents teach it...without being a bore and a chore

the free Wise Choices 6-day Guide. Even better, read the post first!

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Pumpkin in Paris...All Saint's Day

Friends moved to Paris for a year and live right next door to Notre Dame cathedral!   That's their humorous Halloween pumpkin glowing from the window.  What a hauntingly beautiful setting:  the flowing Seine river, the historic Parisian islands, and the sore-thumb-looking Tour Montparnasse (the best viewing spot in Paris because you can't see it!)

“We’re here to soak in the culture.” This year, they’re in the memory-making business.

Today, November 1, is All Saints’ Day, a time to remember loved ones who passed away. How can we speak to our kids about death?...without conjuring up images of ghosts and goblins!

Through marvelous memories.

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Download the "Power of Positive Recall" Discussion Guides

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Download the Wise Choices 6-day Guide

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