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Boosting Family Love: It Worked for Us!

We had a LOVERLY (!) time at the Boost Love Family Workshop last week-end. I just loooove this picture of BEAMING kids when they are so confident of being loved and of having their love received.

Here’s our vision.  Great leaders make great parents.  At work, we frame a vision, communicate it, and organize to make it happen.  Isn’t that what we do at home too?

We got inspired by business growth (new customers, new products & services, greater value of each) to boost love through building up our relationships, the frequency of our interactions, and the depth of our communication.

I just love your workshops! You are so engaging and motivating and inspiring! (Thank you.  I do thrive on affirmation.  Smile.  Well, GRIN!)  I guess what helps the most is the practical way you put things into perspective for us.  Things we never necessarily think about in a structured way - but should!!!...I'm looking forward to the next one!!!”

Read on and check out the pictures.

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Download the Emotional Chart

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Parenting Insights Inspired by Herminia Ibarra: Perfection and Love (Success) Mix Like Oil and Vinegar

Spoke with Herminia Ibarra last night.  Rather, she addressed a group of 30 of us Harvard Women in France... and I participated in the Q & A.  Recognized as one of the top 50 brains (charismatic, engaging, humble, humorous, sharp, and visionary) in business, Ibarra currently teaches and researches out of Insead. 

One of the take away's from her talk:  learning in organizations follows the 70-20-10 rule.

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What does love look like ?

When our eldest son was two years old we discovered he needed glasses. “Honey, go get your tricycle and join us for a walk,” we proposed. In addition to its three wheels, this machine boasted of bright and multiple colors. You could not miss it a mile away and we were barely standing 150 meters from it. Our son replied, “Where is it?” Oops. Even at his young age, he needed a correction of 5.5 (this is a BIG correction).

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Grow Love through the Power of Positive Recall

Have you witnessed someone totally change his demeanor before your eyes? It’s exciting!

It happened to me recently. A successful professional inquired about my line of work. As I shared the vision of Home Is Fun—to help strengthen relationships between parents and children—her posture changed: she crossed her arms, hunched down into her chair, lowered her chin, and set her mouth.

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Discipline, I Hate You, I Thank You

“The last thing I want to do when coming home from work it to police the kids,” friends admit. And yet is correction only bad news?  At work we do this and it sounds positive(ish):  giving and receiving feedback.

Obviously there are two sides to discipline, like the facets of a coin.  What do "heads" and "tails" look like?  And how can we invest in our children through discipline?

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Download the "Power of Positive Recall" Discussion Guides

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Understanding Life While Sitting On The Front Porch

This was sent to me by e-mail.  I am not the author and don't know who wrote it, but I sure LAUGHED!  Hope it lifts your spirits too.

P.S. We get what we pray for!

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Why French Romance is Superior : Loving à la OhOh et LaLa

Until Pamela Druckerman’s recent book, Bringing Up Bebe, the French parenting excellence was a well kept secret, but not so for their flare for romance.

What makes the French so sexy? I believe it’s the French women that made their men into such reputed lovers!

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I Have a Dream Too...Don’t I?

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King, Jr Day, I stood at the same pulpit in the American Church in Paris where the spokesperson for Negro freedom gave his first speech after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 (He was on a stopover on the way home from Oslo).

To an audience of two obliging friends (!),I shared my dream.  Well, I tried.  Since I constantly think about strengthening families, I expected my dream to flow forth.  Confession:  I was no good scout and came unprepared!

This blooper inspired me to turn to Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech wondering what I might learn from his passion for civil rights that I could transpose to my zeal for strong families.

There it was:  

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