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Give Dad a Lamborghini for Father’s Day !

Boy making Father's Day Lamborghini Coloring cardWhy settle for less?! Dad drives kids to dream big and steers them on the right path. Now we’re cruisin’… LetMeColor made it easy (and less expensive) with these current and vintage models.

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Feel-Appreciated Tip 101

You’re right. Being a parent is a thankless job. Your cleaning up the children's sticky  mess...again? Your ears drum from the kids’ rowdy noise? Oooh, smell that fart! And yet, there is so much for which to be thankful. At least you can taste, touch, hear, and smell!

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101 Ways to Tell Your Kids "I Love You"

Home is Fun!

Enjoy these speedy (30 second), quick (5 minute), and activity-oriented ways to share a Loving Touch, a Loving Gift, an Act of Service, a Loving Affirmation, or a Shared Moment.  (Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages)

Helping our children KNOW we love them even when _______ (list the tasks parents ask kids to do when they would rather play) and despite our _______ (all those traits children bring out in Mom and Dad that expose slight imperfections) is what www.home-is-fun.com is all about!

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Teeny Parties: Turn Bad Situations into Great Times

What? No school tomorrow! Turn a sticky situation into a great time with a teeny party...and the chance to know your kid and his friends better.  I didn't know mine loved science experiments so much!  Invite adults too...it's social for all and easier too.  Who laughs more:  the youngsters or the parents?  Up to you to find out!

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Create Your Crepe-Making Party

Turn French National Crepe Day into the pirme occasion for a teeny party. Read on to discover the Chandeleur and download your invitation. This article is written as a sequel to Teeny Party . Click here for our smooth sailing party tips. 

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Download the Invitation for a Crepe-Making Party

Chandeleur Party invitationGet the free downloads from  Create Your Own Crèpe-Making Party 

You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free). 

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The Gift of Independence: Cooking Lessons!

Mom and son cooking together

- “Hey mom?  Can I invite friends over for lunch?  I’ll cook pasta and tomato sauce.” 
- “Great idea,” I tell our 14 year old, “You can also get them all to help clean up!”
Contrast this to our 12 year old's call:
- “Mom, I’m bringing over some friends for lunch.  You can make us sandwiches: 1 ham & cheese with pickle, 1 ham with Tabasco….” 
- “It’s a busy day, honey.  When you want something from me, I need advance notice.”

Guess who’s happier with Mom at the end of the day…and guess who now drops by the kitchen more often to learn how to cook!

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Mom, your present is...ME !

“Honey, shall we rent the kids?” Some days we need a new perspective…Read on to find it.

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Download Mary Oliver's Life Instructions Poem

Get the free downloads from Feel-Appreciated Tip 101. You'll need the access code given upon signing up with Home is Fun (free).

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Yummy: Resurrection Story Cookies

Brother and sister cooking Resurrection Story Cookies These mouth melting meringues made a hit with our local trendy restaurateur: "You've got to try them!" As a bonus, get the Easter story too.

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